Thursday, September 22, 2005

LANL tests fell behind schedule

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

A report by the Inspector General of the Department of Energy has revisited the subject of a nuclear test facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory, finding once again that the hydrodynamic test program has not been making schedule.

The review found that only six of 15 hydrotests scheduled from October 2002 through the end of September 2004 were completed on time, that six of them had been delayed up to two years, and that three were not completed as of April 2005.

A reply by the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the weapons complex, said that the report understates the progress that has been made and that the number of experiments was not the most important measure.

A prepared statement by the laboratory expressed appreciation for the reports' recommendations as well as NNSA's endorsement of the program contained in the reply.


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It is much worse than this news piece reports. LANL also failed to meet their obligations to work with LLNL on sharing hydro tests across labs. The B axis of DARHT is still not on line, and keeps slipping out. Many of the experiments that were completed were on Phermex, which was due to be closed many years ago, but kept alive due to the DARHT failures. The foam confinement is a disaster, and LANL failed to develop the container confinement proposed in the early DARHT planning.
It seems that DARHT is screwed up in every way possible.
But, not to be depressed by the reality, LANL recently held a big party, led by Kuckuck, when they managed to get off a shot at DARHT.
More of UC management at its best, celebrating victory in the face of failure.
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