Friday, September 30, 2005

The Laboratory is seeking nominations for the 2005 Los Alamos Medal

From Anonymous:

I nominate Doug and Brad for their contributions. They helped rid us of the worst director in the entire history of LANL, thus "facilitating a major enhancement of the Laboratory's ability to accomplish its mission..."

Nominations sought for 2005 Los Alamos Medal

September 30, 2005

The Laboratory is seeking nominations for the 2005 Los Alamos Medal. The medal is the highest honor the Laboratory can bestow on an individual or small group of three or less individuals.

Nominees for the medal are judged on strict selection criteria that include making a contribution that changed the course of science, facilitating a major enhancement of the Laboratory's ability to accomplish its mission, having a significant impact on Lab sustainability, and establishing a major direction for Los Alamos and/or the nation.

Nominations should be submitted to Laboratory Director Bob Kuckuck in care of the Science and Technology Base (STB) Program Office at Mail Stop M714. Nominations should address the selection criteria; three supporting letters also are required.

Previous recipients of the Los Alamos Medal include former Laboratory Director Harold Agnew, Hans Bethe, who died last spring, Nerses "Krik" Krikorian, George Cowan, Louis Rosen, Frank Harlow and Conrad Longmire.

Nominations should be submitted by Oct. 14.

For more information, see the all-employee memo (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

What a terrific idea. Remember, though, that LANL management will be making the selection. They will probably nominate somebody like Marquez for his stellar contributions to the "Enterprise Project". What are we up to now, Rich? $250 million spent on that piece of garbage?

Or (shudder) Cobb. Rest assured, whomever is selected will be one of the good old boys.
It will be Sig Hecker. It's a going-away gift for him.
Brad's Physics Today paper, and Doug's blog certainly did expedite Nanos' departure. Unfortunately, most of the damage had already been done by that point.
Who cares about this award?
Nobody, now. That's why it would actually be pretty cool if Doug & Brad got it. Then it might actually mean something.
You know, if LANL management really wanted to make the "2005 Los Alamos Medal" award meaningful, they would award it posthumously to Todd Kauppila.

Let's see: Hans Bethe, "Krik" Krikorian, George Cowan, Louis Rosen, Frank Harlow and ....
Doug Roberts

What's wrong with this picture? Nobel Prize, President's Medal, National Academy, and the Blog. Although I appreciate that there is a love affair for the blog, this is so wrong.
Just as well, because I don't want it.

I second the nomination of Todd Kauppila. But we all know that he won't be allowed to get it. It has to be a "good guy" from the perspective of the Establishment. So, expect Nanos to be nominated, but the good news is that he won't get it either--he doesn't have the "Nobel Prize, President's Medal, National Academy," and he sure as HELL doesn't have the Blog!
"I nominate Doug and Brad for their contributions"

And what did Todd do to deserve this significant award? Getting cross-wise with authority is a common distinction. Most people feel mistreated. All of us are mortal. ...?
Stupidity and philosophy.

(The previous two posts.)

The former I can do without. The latter is oddly refreshing.
This whole thread is stupid. I'm turning off comments.


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