Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hiring freeze at LANL, starting immediately

From Anonymous:

I just heard, on good authority, that a hiring freeze was imposed today. The only hires to be considered from now until March are students, post docs, and retiree lab associates. This, apparently at a recommendation of a newly formed "Hiring Committee".

Let see: rumors of a VERIP, UC President's Council hearing updates on the contract bid, and a hiring freeze. One might start to become suspicious that all is not well in LANLLand.
Oh, a hiring freeze will really, really improve morale here. Heads out of the sands, ostriches! Lemmings, stop running!

But, what about my UC benefits?
Come you masters of war, you that build all the bombs:

I've got a simple question for you white-coat Los Alamos scientists. What is the difference between Los Alamos' trial by fire and New Orleans' trial by water?

* New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz; it has soul.
* Los Alamos is the birthplace of the atom bomb; it has no soul.

(Well, that was easy now, wasn't it? Let's carry on.)

* Los Alamos is almost all rich white folks.
* New Orleans is mostly poor black folks.

(Don't stop now. We're on a roll!)

* Los Alamos was hit by the hot, dry winds of a forest fire whose seed was sown by the stupidity and arrogance of the Forest Service, when they decided to set a controlled burn on a hot, dry, windy day in May.
* New Orleans was hit by the hot, wet winds of a Category 5 hurricane whose seed was sown by global warming, whose origin is the greed, stupidity, and arrogance of the world's biggest empire, the United States of America, with its love of big gas-hog cars.

* Los Alamos built its crackerjack houses right up next to the overgrown forest, and did nothing to thin the trees for years.
* New Orleans built its levees to channel the Mississippi, built its houses for the poor in low-lying areas, and destroyed its storm-buffering wetlands by years of neglect, fueled by greed.

* When the fire raged toward Los Alamos, the town was expeditiously evacuated in hours.
* When the hurricane raged toward New Orleans, those with cars left (everyone in Los Alamos has at least one car); when the floods came after the levees broke, poor black people (the ones without cars) were stranded in attics and on roofs; no help came for days.

* The crackerjack houses that were burned in Los Alamos were rebuilt in quick order by government handouts. The result is an atrocious collection of ugly, expensive monster houses next to the blackened hillside borders.
* The shotgun houses in the low-lying parts of New Orleans will be bulldozed; a Disneyland version of New Orleans will rise for the wealthy who live there and for the tourists to visit and reminisce about.

Now, it looks like the comfortable livelihoods of you white-coat Los Alamos scientists are threatened by the same guys who left the poor of New Orleans stranded on roofs. They may make you bare your breasts before stopping to help you. But you're all prostitutes, anyway, right?

Justice sometimes takes its sweet time in arriving on the scene.

-Bob Dylan
Oh, my, my, you are so, so right! Your righteous indignation has finally
made me see the light! What a beautiful piece. I'm going to quit my
job at Los Alamos, burn my house (again) down to the ground, sell my
Humvee for a scooter, put on a burlap bag, cover my body in ashes, and
become a lowly street beggar. I deserve no better. Please, somebody
spit on me and kick me hard. We are all totally worthless, as this poster
has so brillantly proven.
Here's what went out to group leaders today:


At the direction of the Laboratory Director, HR has been advised to
suspend all hiring actions, both internal and external, as well as all
supplemental staffing actions. A newly created Laboratory Hiring Council
will evaluate our staffing levels and develop a strategy for moving
forward under current budget constraints. This suspension is effective

Formal employment offers (for regular and limited-term appointments) that
have been authorized by HR and accepted by the candidate, effective COB
9/27/05, will be processed. Employment offers that have been extended,
but not yet accepted, may be subject to the review of the Hiring
Council. Discuss these situations with your Deployed Group Leader.

Additionally, the Laboratory will not extend any new staff augmentation
agreements (Butler, Comforce, Weirich, Plus Group) without review by the
Hiring Council.

Until further clarifying guidance is provided, additional employment
actions affected by this suspension include:
* New job postings
* Directed transfers
* Conversions (Limited-term to Regular; Postdocs to Limited-term or
Regular; GRA to Regular)
* Promotions / reclassifications
* Internal transfers on advertised jobs
Employment actions not affected by this suspension include:
* Postdoc hires
* Student hires
* Extensions of Limited-term appointments
* Rehire of Retirees as Lab Associate
Further direction will be issued by the Director regarding the process for
review and approval/disapproval of all actions suspended.
Geez, about time.
Of course, with the usual efficiency of HR, there is nothing about the hiring freeze posted on the LANL Jobs Website. SO, people will be applying for jobs that will not be filled!

I wonder if this happens at Sandia?
Sounds like the "enlightened" of Santa Fe are trying to give us the benefit of their omniscience...again, as usual, endlessly, poorly, without benefit of realistic perspective.
Has this hiring freeze (because that is what it really is) been put in place at Livermore, Sandia, Pantex, and NNSA or has LANL again been set aside for special treatment?
Does it matter?
Special treatment for special people at a special place.
...also known as "special olympics".

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