Friday, September 09, 2005

Former Director Nanos' new job at DTRA


It'd be interesting to have a summary of what G. Peter's new job is really

Duties, salary, location, title, immediate superior, etc. etc.


Pete's in a box. A hard box. No one asks him anything. He has no say over anyone else. Just alone. Quiet. The sound of the padded wall. (Pete...are you there...? Shhhhh............)
Maybe soon it will be a padded cell.
Enough with the obsession about Pete. Who gives a damn where he is or what he's doing?
Who gives a damn where he is or what he's doing?

The same people who want to know where Osama Bin Laden is and what he is doing.
I care a great deal about where he is and what he's doing. Criminals like Nanos should not be allowed to slink off and hide. And, the analogy to a terrorist is certainly appropriate. Nanos used the tactics of fear and intimidation to manipulate the LANL population. The fact that there were a few like Roberts, Horne, Kauppila, and Holian is the only reason he's gone.
I also would like to know what Nanos is getting payed to do now, after having gotten paid to ruin LANL.
Who cares about Pete?
Why, Pete, of course.
And Susan. And Don. And on, and on, and on.
I guess I am in the minority: I don't care even the slightest little bit where Nanos is or what he's doing. My earlier post got yanked, so I'll try to be a little more sensitive this time.
I believe that there are a small number of people at LANL who got screwed by Nanos (et al). Sara Kauppila and her family certainly suffered a tragedy, and John Horne was definitely treated unfairly. However, the majority of LANL staff simply had to sit on their butt and write a bunch of silly documents. I work on the hydrotest program, so I did a lot of sitting.
The analogy of Nanos to binLaden, and the comparison (in an earlier post) of the stand-down to hurricane Katrina offended me a great deal. I have a number of family members in Lousiana, and some of them lost houses, and consider themselves very lucky. In comparison, LANL got off pretty well. And I am sure the family members of those killed on 9/11 would gladly lose a WFO contract if they could have their loved ones back.
Indeed, we do care about where Admiral Butthead is these days. There is no justice until he walks the plank!
Calling Nanos a criminal, or a terrorist, is a bit over the top. He is a retired Navy Admiral, and he was put in place, and maintained there, by the University of California. This was not done by force of arms or physical threat, so he is not a terrorist. Barring evidence being provided, he is also not a criminal. So, can the abuse. He may be a liar, but that is far too common in LANL managers, perhaps even an asset for appointment. Same with abusive behavior.
Nanos is simply Nanos. You would do better to question why UC installed him as first Acting Director and then Director at LANL, when they obviously could have called on Kuckuck or Anastasio. This was UC's call to make, and they made it.
I suggest that Nanos is but a symptom of UC mismanagement, and I don't expect things to improve much at LANL if UC wins the contract. The beginning of learning from mistakes is to admit them, and here UC comes up short. They are far too arrogant to admit mistakes, and this makes reform difficult and unlikely. Want reform at LANL? Then write to Domenici and tell him to support the Sandia bid.
UC will not win the contract since they did not bid. If the UC/Bechtel LLC wins, UC will be in the subordinate position (junior partner).
Keep a log, copy documents, get a good lawyer...file a class action suit, go to the US Attorney's office with evidence of crimes...this is how citizens defend their rights against white collar criminals. I assure you blogging will result in no penalties for any miscreants unless these remedies are pursued. Admirals and Generals are not ordinary citizens when they align themselves politically, in real ways, they are above the laws that apply to is not just, it is not is the fact.
I do not view this blog as anything resembling a legal plea. I do understand that all manner of public officials, especially those whose nominations are approved by the Senate, are publicly scrutinized.

So if nothing else is accomplished, this blog serves as possible ammunition against Nanos in the event that it becomes necessary to tar and feather him more publicly. Is it just? Is it legal? Doesn't matter, it's reality.

I don't care if Nanos is a retired flag officer or not. He tarnished and disgraced the uniform he wore.
"He tarnished and disgraced the uniform he wore"--as in, he peed his dark, Navy-blue trousers? Well, I'd say he did more than get a warm and pleasant feeling when he trashed this Laboratory.
It makes sense that Nanos works for DTRA. Since he is the biggest defense treat, hopefully they can keep an eye on him. UC did not.
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