Thursday, September 29, 2005

Expect a 20% reduction in funding

From Anonymous:

There was a memo to SNL people earlier that due to potential cuts in the upcoming budget to expect a 20% reduction in funding for the next year. Hiring and purchasing are slowed until the 2006 FY funding is signed. I am guessing that with LANL's position more tenuous than SNL's (no contract change) that LANL has been told to be frozen. From friends in other places, they are under similar slowdowns until it is seen where the budget axe falls for the 2006-2008 fiscal years.

Ah, you mean that LANL is not alone, and this is
not all UC's fault? How can that be?
Hi, Gary! I thought you were banned from this blog.

That's -20% for Sandia and + at least the raise pool for LANL. Isn't that right Senator?
Bodman (2005): "I'm in awe over the science that happens at this place."

Bodman (2006): "I'm in awe over the number of scientists I'm going to
have to layoff this year."

Bodman (2007): "I'm in awe over the fact that I'm forced to announce the
shut down of one of DOE's premier research facilities."
It actually may be worse than 20%. The word yesterday from someone inside the beltway is 30%. Some agencies are looking to a voluntary retirement.. but with no incentive plan as they do not have the approval/funds to do that. All discretionary/new hires are to be frozen until finalized budgets are approved by Congress.
If no incentive exists, why would anyone leave?
That's an easy answer. If you don't leave on a VSEP then their next move will be a RIF and it won't be voluntary. What do you think the ranking of 1-N was all about. They know who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of. That cut off line can move as the request to thin down the force comes in from a higher authority.I have no doubt that this was thought out very well.

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