Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't worry about the boogey men

A comment from the



8:05 here again.

I have been here for about nine years.

I was hurt professionally by the stand-down.

I blame Pete for his stubbornness in the face of facts. I blame Washington for their usual need to make points at other people's expense. I blame the media for generating news where little existed. I blame UC for doing their usual job of making a mole hill into Mount Everest. I blame LANL managers that have not had the spine to do what they should know is right.

But I need to live and work so I am trying to get over what is past and work in the remaining mess in hopes that I can still make a contribution to my field that will not be overshadowed by having been at LANL during this period.

I still find it hard to believe that there are LANL people that really think some shadowy 'them' is out to get them. Don't worry about the boogey men. Worry about your HR generalist, your group leader or your program manager. They are the ones that can really make your life go down the tubes.

Naive in general or naive in the context of the thread where the comment was originally posted?

The original thread consisted of a number of posts that appeared to allege that the Mormon church was behind many of the ills that the lab is facing.

It all seemed so surreal and vauguely reminded me of propaganda that the Nazi party used to blame 'others' for the problems that the German state faced between the wars.

I was only trying to make the point that we have enough real battles to fight without constructing some shadowy phantoms that we can tilt against. The reference is appropriate.

Lets focus on the REAL problems, set priorities, execute the top priorities. Do it again tomorrow.
There have been a lot comments on the blog bashing HR. Much of it is well deserved. But I'd like to say that every rule has its exceptions. I work in DX and our 2 HR generalists are wonderful people. They work long hours and do their best to do the right thing. As screwed up as DX is at least we are lucky to have the best HR deployed staff at the lab.
Anonymous : 9/23/2005 10:44:14 PM has given the kiss of death to the HR Generalists in DX Division. Now HR Management knows that these two people are not performing their duties of screwing over the workers, obstructing the hiring process, etc.
The references to religion on this website (Mormons, Catholics, Shiites, etc.) and their "control" of LANL need to be superceded by

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism:

That is all. You may be "at ease."
I don't think the orginal post was naive -- it is the way the vast majority of us feel. It seems every serious concern or discussion is hijacked by some hate speech on mormons, or that all of HR is truly evil. In fact, we had a terrible 2 years under Nanos, and that scar is so very deep. However, there are real issues on the table that discussion can make a difference on. The future is going to be a hurricane -- and some of it we can prepare for, and some of it we might actually be able to change.
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