Monday, September 19, 2005

Director’s Development Program to host motivational speaker

September 19, 2005

The Director’s Development Program (DDP) is sponsoring a talk by Richard Leider, a nationally certified master career counselor, entitled “Claiming your place at the fire; Living the second half of your life on purpose” at 9 a.m., Friday (Sept. 23), in the Physics Building Auditorium at Technical Area 3. The talk is open to all Lab employees.

During the talk, Leider, who also offers workshops on leadership development, will present his model of vitality for people entering into and moving through the second half of their lives, and discuss his latest book, “Claiming Your Place at the Fire.” His goal will be to encourage the audience “to re-examine and rediscover who we are, where we belong, what we care about.”

“Leider’s talk is extremely appropriate given that, in this time of change, many Lab employees are at crossroads in their lives,” said John Perreault of Training and Development (HR-TD), coordinator of the DDP. “This presentation, which targets career and life transition, is relevant for people who are considering a change and want to discover his or her life’s purpose.”


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What in the world makes LANL management think that staff needs motavational treatment?
The floggings will continue until morale improves.
Too bad he isn't speaking on leadership; another of his courses. The LANL management could use a dose.
What has long been puzzling to me is that LANL puts people, ususally friends and fellow travelers, into management roles and hopefully expects them to become managers. Utter folly.
How about looking around for those who already are leaders, and giving them more resources? This comes under "feed success, starve failure". One of the ways to give leaders more resources is, at some point, to give them more people to work on their goals, by making them managers.
My experience at LANL is that the managers are not leaders, and that they stifle leadership when it appears around them. Managers are loyalists, not leaders.
So, typical for LANL, they are having the speaker (hopefully) motivate the workforce, rather than addressing the real problems.
Perhaps the Lab should fund an LDRD program on "how to find and identify leaders"? But then they would simply become targets...
The Director’s Development Program (DDP)is a crock. Just like the management institute. These programs turn out the type of self-centered, uopward-focussed managers that have made LANL the mess that it is.
For a motivational speaker for the Director's Development Program, I would recommend Matt Foley, aka, Chris Farley. He lives in a van down by the river and can related to the unwashed masses.
I actually went to this talk. Lots of LANL folks could have used it. It wasn't "motivational" but more like "what are you going to do for the rest of your lives?"

The speaker talked about how one in three is afflicted with "inner kill", one who couldn't really find a reason to get up in the morning and who just "goes through the motions". Retirement, it turns out, is the biggest cause of death for the retired.

I wish my Acting Group Leader was there. She's got "inner kill". It's gotten a lot worse since the Standdown, and it's sad to see how it's been killing her.

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