Friday, September 30, 2005

Anonymous posting: the best and the worst in people is brought out by it

It is interesting that tonight we experienced another example of cowardice, delivered by an anonymous poster. Yesterday I had the privilege to be one of the panel members at discussion on blogging, hosted by the Public Relations Society of America at a seminar in Albuquerque. The other panel members were Joe Monahan, well known political analyst, and Julie Goldberg, editor of the Santa Fe Reporter. One of the topics that we all agreed upon was that the privilege of anonymity in blogging brought out both the best, and the worst in people.

The best is evidenced by those who present well-written, thoughtful commentary which they perhaps would not be free to publish in their own name, given the political sensitivities that often exist in the work place.

The worst is all too-frequently seen in those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity to launch cowardly attacks on those with whom a personal grudge, real or perceived, exists. Our anonymous poster, referred to in my previous post this evening is a good example of the latter.

It is interesting that the anonymous hate-mongers are among the few fooled by such transparent attacks. Also, sadly, these types of people seem blind to their own particular brand of bigotry and prejudice. However, this is one of the prices that we all pay to allow freedom of speech in the blogoshpere.

Don't lose any sleep over it, Doug. The anonymous shithead is a coward: you have him pegged.
Doug, please don't let anyone get your goat. You da' man!
Doug might be da'man, but that other guy is da'shithead.
5 bucks on Doug, if da'cowardly shithead comes forth to have a non-anonymous "discussion".
I think he had you pegged about being willing to dish it out but not take it. The whole flavor of this place is one sided with negativity being the flavor of the month.
You're new here, aren't you? I've taken all kinds of shit in return for the privilege of running this blog. Like your anonymous comment, for example.

I am repeatedly impressed with how brave people become when they can hide their identities.

"The worst is all too-frequently seen in those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity to launch cowardly attacks on those with whom a personal grudge, real or perceived, exists. "

But what about the anonymous cowards that do agree with you? Why the delay in getting riled at low characters?
10:38, I'm positive that Senator Domenici will keep LANL from any budget cuts.
And St. Just-Get-Over-It Pete has assured us, too, that Bechtel/UC will win the contract. So, just get over all your negativity, and get with the positivity. I'm feeling better now; how about you?
To be honest.. I dont see that as being the worst thing that could be said about the moderators. I have seen a lot more crap being spewed on the blog by the "Holier-than-thou" atheists, the "Follow-Bush-Or-Be-A-Traitor", and the "Bush-Is-The-Anti-Christ" posters.

It is very easy to spew hatred on the net... I think what the net does is allow our true inner selves come out. Our Pride, Envy, Wrath, and other Hatred of others seem to just pop out like festering boils.

LANL seems to have a surplus of these boil. They had them before Nanos, but you only really heard at the dinner table, the bar, or around the water cooler between 'closest' of backstabbing friends. I think Nanos/UC/NNSA/Congress caused a lot more to come to the surface.. where they now pop one by one on the blog.
I agree with 11:43. It is very easy for this blog to get choked by the people who come on here to spew the hate, irritation, pride, etc. that they repress in real life. I think that the blog needs a way to redirect the vast majority of small-minded and poorly thought out posts while leaving those that actually help to explain, give context, or provide concrete evidence for or against a given proposal or problem. This blog is for identifying and working out problems at LANL - with the UC/LM competition, with HR, FM, and other support problems, with bad LANL policies, with programmatic problems, etc. This blog is most useful as a means by which intelligent people at LANL are able to network and get information about specific problems at the group, division, or Lab level, not as a forum for spewing discontent. I propose that Doug look into developing threads for specific issues (as well as a general piss-and-moan thread for the other posters) and keep non-PAM discussions from being hijacked. I don't know if this is feasible, or even if I'm volunteering Doug for a lot more work than he really wants, but in my view that is the only way for this blog to be useful.
Anonymous at 9/30/2005 10:38:15 PM:
You comments are out of order. Please take you business elsewhere.
Doug, I believe you left the lab for another job, but came back part time.
I can understand how you might feel it's time to cut the cord. I suspect
that many older LANL employees who once read the blog have now stop reading
it, now that they have moved on into retirement. Frankly, I now long for
the day when I, too, can retire and put LANL-life behind me. It's been
painful watching LANL literally fall-apart over the last five years. I
observe my colleagues around me, and see that they, too, are having a
difficult time coping with the events at LANL over the last few years.

This is not how a work place is suppose to be. It's not normal to hate
upper management and your fellow staff with the vitriol we've seen here,
but LANL has become a most abnormal place. And, unfortunately, the next
few years are probably going to be very, very stormy for us. We've been
given only a taste of what may come with the recent announcement of a
hiring freeze. The outlook for the whole DOE complex doesn't look too
rosy, regardless of how profusely the politicians, Bodman, or UC say
they value us.

Do what you must, Doug, to keep your sanity. But whatever your decision,
please know that most people have valued your efforts. Good luck, my
Even the informative things posted here are all negative. There is no allegation too insubstantial to gain standing. Even POGO gets its say.

You set the standard.
lessee, is this sh*theads vs buttheads?

Please don't sew the pus-filled patient back up and send him rolling on his gurney back to his dank little room. The tenor of most of these comments betrays the hope of mismanagement hacks that there be no counterspin, no lancing of boils, and no accountability for them. They are the ENRON boys of LANL. There aren't many of them, and their apologists in the ranks are becoming fewer and fewer as they muck things up worse and worse every day.

-Still in the trenches, clinging to hope for justice
"Yesterday I had the privilege to be one of the panel members at discussion on blogging, ...we all agreed ... that ... anonymity in blogging brought out both the best, and the worst in people."

Does not make sense to me. People like to sign their name to their best stuff. And the most thoughtful original pieces you have had have been signed. So are you just kidding yourselves?
Who is that coward finknottle and why does his head smell so, so, ...earthy?

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