Monday, September 19, 2005

Accountability for people who violate Code of Ethics (and worse)

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* Install some form of accountability for people who violate Code of Ethics (and worse). **

It would be great to have the Zero Tolerance policy enforced! Why is it that there are managers here who are allowed to harass their people to to the point of being ineffective or phyically ill. I had to deal with such a manager for 2+ years. Even after complaints and letters to 4 different group leaders, 3 different HR people, and a division leader. There are also at least 8 others that I know of who have also complained about this person. This person is still working here and managing (harassing) others.

That being said, why if they don't actually help the work force do we have an entire HR division?

Thats because those folks believe that the 9 people complaining are the problem. Its a big circle jerk. HR is a real joke, then you sprinkle in a few managers, ombuds, eeoc etc and you have something that is light years beyond anything you have ever experienced before. That being said I think that HR Division is the "worst" of the support organizations. And the icompetence and clulessness goes all the way to the bottom of the ranks.
The orginal post may, or may not, be factual. My experience is that LANL has many *victims*, and that from their perspective managers are always out to get them. But, because we do not deal with poor performers, they stick around forever, and claim that anyone that would not coddle them was harassing them.
Of the LANL Divisions, HR is probably the worst when it comes to employee abuse and retaliation. In support organizations, particularly, HR, you serve at the manager's pleasure. Unlike in the technical divisions, there is no opportunity (or need) to publish papers and establish a reputation of any sort. In HR, you do not serve dual chains of command as in the technical divisions where you have line and project management. Basically, in HR you are screwed!
same with one particular IM group .... nothing dislodges those retaliators. Having husbands in high places sure helps at LANL..... another sweep LM can make.... I hope LM takes a good hard long look at the complaints filed against ALL the current lousy managers and TLs.
The question in the original post; "why do we have an HR Division" has a very clear answer, as Todd and John found in their encounter. HR exists to support, and cover for, management period. End of story. They have no interest in fairness, due process or justice. Simply serving their master. This has always been the case at LANL, with one small exception, John Foley. But, when he tried to make some changes, he was removed and replaced by Menlove.
UC has never cared about this state of affairs, and its not about to start now. Denial is "not a river in Egypt". And "snakepit" is a good description of HR.
HSR-Div takes the prize when it comes to the three Rs. They recently terminated an employee they disliked due to a medical condition covered by ADA. I really hope there is a lawsuit.
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