Friday, August 19, 2005

We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble

From Anonymous:

Please post this article. We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble had we screened our previous CEO.

This is a companion document:
I just scored Nanos on this quiz. He scored 15 out of 16. The only reason he didn't get a perfect score is that I wasn't sure of question 6. He may very well be a perfect psychopath.
OK, so now the question is, how does one apply this quiz in a hiring process? Can you have any hope of getting the right information from a couple of interviews and a set of references provided by the candidate?
This is why you check references, before you even give the candidate CEO an interview.
Fact is that had anyone checked at Admiral Butthead's last Navy command, they could have heard about the abusive behavior.
I'll bet money that 9:26 and 9:30 are affiliated with the so-called safety experts at the NNSA Los Alamos Site Office.
No 9:30, it's UC that's getting canned. The University of Corruption will no longer destroy innocent people at will. Nanos is a psychopath and a liar. He will get what he has coming to him and so will his accomplices.
Think about this a bit. When UC hired a Navy Admiral to run LANL there was a reason. They could have chosen someone else from LANL, LLNL or outside. Navy Admirals, whatever their failings, have a reputation for accountability, which was where John Browne and UC fell down, and where most LANL managers are suspect.
Perhaps the "mistake" was not in making Pete the "interim" Director, but in making him permanent? At that point they should have known what they had. Pete is simply Pete, and they had ample chance to evaluate him. Blame this one on UC being too lazy and uncaring to look for a permanent Director. Kuckuch and Anastasio were both alive and available at the time. Why not them?
Whatever his failings, he did act, unlike Browne who dithered over safety and security issues. and most other things. John is a very nice fellow, but he has no follow through.
"Whatever his failings, he did act, unlike Browne who dithered over safety and security issues. and most other things. John is a very nice fellow, but he has no follow through.
# posted by Anonymous : 8/20/2005 09:04:59 AM"

Dithered over safety and security issues? Are you a fool. That's you friggen job idiot. Its people like you that got LANL where it is today. Are you sure you have a green badge? After reading this maybe DOE should reconsider who has then and who does not. Maybe you'll get a visit.
Back to the article posted above:

In all the litany of CEO psychopaths, one glaring omission occurs: George W. Bush. Nanos was a piker compared to our most beloved wartime President.
I see that anonymous posting is back. I am appalled at, but fascinated with the hostile, militaristic posts I am reading here -- nuking Iraq, shooting traitors (apparently without benefit of a trial). Geez. It's no wonder our government has taken a fascist bent. There seem to be quite a few fascists in the general population as well.
Psychopathic bosses abound at LANL and throughout our culture due to beliefs such as those expressed on this blog such as the recommendation that everyone at LANL be fired, all of their phones be tapped, etc. etc. These are pretty psychopathic recommendations, based on the belief that with enough power any opposition can be squelched. Do these posters realize how much they sound like Hitler and his buddies? LANL's mission for many years was to protect the US against the Soviet Union, which practiced such ideas. It is painful to realize that many posters to this blog now recommend using fascist or Stalinist policies.
In response to the 9:12:43 poster, who seems barely coherent. Yes, Browne "dithered" on safety and security issues.
Specifics. The two LANL managers directly responsible for the "Efren Martinez" accident of January 1996 were not dealt with. The went on to receive above average raises and promotions. Those responsible for the "hard drive" incident of May 2000 were not dealt with. No terminations resulted although a number of LANL employees were clearly involved in a cover-up. They were very nearly indicted by a Grand Jury for obstruction of the investigation, but Domenici intervened.
As the description of the TA-15 CREM incident clearly details (nice job by Todd and John) the CREM tracking at DX, and across the Lab, was ad hoc, and done part time by people with inadequate training. This was only reformed after the latest CREM incident. As the accident report on the "laser accident" details, safety practices, and management involvement in their application, were ad hoc across the Lab.
I repeat, John Browne did not deal with safety and security issues on his watch. If he had, perhaps the shut-down would not have happened?
Rather than more raving, please refute the information provided above.
Boy, I am glad anonymous posting is back. This is a very intelligent discussion of the issues!
I really like the guy who said everyone is a terrorist untill proven otherwise. That would mean we should think he is terrorist untill proven otherwise. Who are these guys? Maybe they should give themselves the quiz to find out if they are psychopaths. I really think their suggestion of firing everyone is pointless as it will not happen. Also the US is not going to drop massive nukes on Iraq. Take these posts for what they are worth.
Would you like to bet. I will wager that the new corporation will hire you yes, but soon there after there will be cuts and positions that are no longer needed. Most of you will not get you jobs back so you better be making alternative plans, like moving on ?
Dear Doug,
Anonymous postings are certainly more entertaining but clearly not more enlightening. Please get rid of them.

Please, PLEASE keep the anonymous postings.

We have, right here on the blog, a cross-sectional window on the psyche of the average 'Merican that is just precious. Those of us who don't need Prozac or lithium can sift through all of this just fine and dandy. But it is just a little bit scary.

Know thine enemy.
8/20/2005 01:25:13 PM said:
"Dear Doug,
Anonymous postings are certainly more entertaining but clearly not more enlightening. Please get rid of them."

At least people are talking again. I suspect that many are not affiliated with LANL and most seem to be drunk, which is still allowed on a Saturday afternoon. Listen to them. They represent a hatred toward LANL for whatever reasons. They are the ones you need to try to reason with.

Please, PLEASE keep the anonymous postings. But it is just a little bit scary.


Scary for those who can't face the facts and think that freedom come free yes. For the rest of us normal people it is not scary at all, but a necessity.


Please Mr Bodman, Bring LANL and LLNL into the real world of corporate America and treat them as equals. It's time they had few eye openers.
And as soon as anonymous posts are turned off no one will post except Gary and Creamer. The blog will return to boring and no one will visit it. Why do you think Doug had to turn it back on?
You are correct. Once Doug turns it off you might as well close the blog.

Maybe those who want it closed don't want the real world and Washington DC to know how people really feel about LANL and their continious screw-ups. I hear they just had another opps awh shit last weeks.

Keep it up guys and sooner or later Washington will respond, just not the way you want them to.
8/20/2005 02:26:19 PM said:
"And as soon as anonymous posts are turned off no one will post except Gary and Creamer. The blog will return to boring and no one will visit it. Why do you think Doug had to turn it back on?"

You got that right. My kids are right.
What does you kids have to do with anything? They don't know their butts from a hole in the gound unless they work at LANL or LLNL.
It seems that Doug has a brain by leaving the anonymous posting feature on. He realizes that it is just what you said. If you turn it off no one will read it or come to see what is going one. Quite frankly a lot that is being said by non LANL employees is absolutely correct. Taking the words that Bodman said at LLNL I would say that he is correct when he said, you guys have had it good for to long and now it is time to introduce you to corporate America and the lack of benefits, plus we want to hold you accountable. In conclusion he said in so many words that you can retire any time you want because we will find replacements. You possess no skills that are not available elsewhere. You are not hard to replace and surely at not indispensable by a long shot.

This reminds me of something that a warrant officer in the navy told me back in the 70's. He said, " so you think you indispensable hah, well I'll tell you what. You place your hand in that bucket of water and then pull it out. As fast that the water replaced where your hand was, is as quick as you can be replaced. What part of that don't you understand.

This has stuck with me to this date and it is just life in general. I have always respected those who call it like it is and hate politicians. They are annelids as are those who practice their tactics.

For all of you who don't realize you non usefulness, get a clue and may this stick with you forever.
8/20/2005 04:20:20 PM said:
"What does you kids have to do with anything? They don't know their butts from a hole in the gound unless they work at LANL or LLNL."

What does your comment have to do with anything? My daughter works for LANL. My son does not. They both know I'm boring.
I guess they know what they are talking about, don't they?
Look a lot of these post are either by some kids who are still off for the summer or people who are just really clueless. Take the posts for the value that they are. Are they well thought out? Do they give strong arguments and some information, facts and numbers? The blog can be a place for information and suggestions that can help LANL and the nation. It also allows anyone with a computer to post anything they want. No problem with that, just keep that in mind.

I would bet that some 11-14 year olds are posting some stuff just to get some laughs. The thing is a lot of people have caller ID so kids might have to go to blogs to make "crank posts". Maybe we should lay off them, they are just kids you know.
I will bet there are no kids out here posting because they really don't care about LLNL or LANL and probably don't even know what or who they are. So with that said take everything you see out here as something that needs to be done for te betterment of the nation and the America tax payer. Surely the doen sizing of both labs and the dismisal of 50% of the population will not be a bad thing. It has been due for at least a decade. Now it is time to introduce them to corporate America.

Hang on to your shorts people.

The fun has only begun.
The moron who keeps saying we're all useless has mispelled multiple words in every post. He probably is a 10-12 year old or he works for DOE or NNSA and is pissed because he couldn't get a real job at LANL. Try learning to spell then try posting again idiot.
Well I think the blog may be running out of steam. I am not sure if some kid is just posting or somone has been drinking way too much today. There should be a law "don't drink and post". I really liked the option for anonymous postings but now I am not so sure. Maybe the best thing is to just leave this thread alone. Nanos is gone and better measures must be taken to bring in good managers. I do have a positive outlook and think either of our future directors will do a good job. The future for LANL is bright.
Hope you are wrong and it goes to private enterprise. They will get that place and its people in line or they will be gone forever. Thank God for corporate America.
This must be somewhat entertaining to the outside world, in an ironic way. The above discussion is about an article entitled ”Is Your Boss a Psychopath?” Given some of the maybe it should have been “Are you a Psychopath?”

You seem to have loosed part of a mental hospital, including analysts and patients. In cases it is difficult to differentiate which posts were made from the couch and which from the consultation chair.

Anonymity invites weird participants that destroy your credibility. Like a school-ground brawl, it collects some casual onlookers, but does not have the class of a debate.
This entire blog should be focused on this statement:

Hope you are wrong and that both labs become operated by private enterprise. This will get LANL and LLNL and its people in line or the employee / employees will be gone forever. Thank God for corporate America.

There is need for a change and that change will require massive lay-offs, retirements and a complete restructure of ones job expectations. benefits and salary.

It is going to change. If not all of this was for nothing.
I find that it is much better to give my ideas of what should happen to the two labs and their employees directly to DOE, NNSA, The Secretary of Energy and Washing ton, DC then to propose them to a bunch of people who obviously got where they are by their own actions and attitudes.

Good luck with your blog. I will converse with those who can actually get something done in my favor.
Oh yeah. Talking to DOE. Talking to NNSA. Good choices. You will accomplish much talking to those two organizations.

Say "hi" to Linton for me.
These organizations already know what they are going to do with you and you'll like it, -- or leave. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Remember that people. You have the right to leave at any time and you will not be missed...You are just a number on a computer print-out with an employee number. Nothing gained and nothing loss.

I am and I will never look back. I have better things to do.

Take care.
Summary, Conference of Historians: 170 N.A. (Old Year, 2185): (translated from Chinese) - "The recently discovered "LANL blog" has supported the thesis advanced by Scholar Chu, that the decay of the imperialist American technical infrastructure was nearly complete by 2005 OY, with corruption and incompetence the norm rather than the exception."
Like I said. They already know what they are going to do. read this post:

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Pension Rights: What the Rest of the Complex is Experiencing
LANL employee are obviously worried about the impending contract change,
and with good reason. The lab has remained isolated from the game of
musical chairs that AEC/ERDA/DOE has played with site contracts across
the complex, but now it may be your turn in the barrel. Perhaps my
experience will be illustrative of what to expect. I hired in at the
Pacific Northwest Lab in Richland in the spring of 1974, managed at the
time by Battelle for the AEC. Due to down turns at Hanford in 1988 with
the decision not to restart N-Reactor, my wife and I (a metallurgist)
went to Savannah River. I went from working on the new production
reactor program at Hanford, to working in the physics group at Savannah
River Lab on exactly the same project. Our clearances transferred of
course, but absolutely no time in service. The integrated contract at
Hanford allowed for transfers between Battelle, Westinghouse, Rockwell,
and United Nuclear at Hanford, but no such provisions were ever written
for between-site transfers. I can tell you from experience that a
deferred pension with no COL adjustment rapidly degrades to the value of
doodly-squat over the years. If you think the DOE or contract teams
have remedied this situation in the last 17 years, think again. The
cost savings associated with terminating pension rights are just too
tempting and easy to cut. Case in point - the new contract at Idaho
National Laboratory. The parent company to Westinghouse Savannah River
Company (Washington Group International) teamed up with Battelle. A
number of our colleagues have been tapped to move west. Unfortunately,
WGI has announced that they will only maintain continuity of benefits
for majority owned' affiliates. And guess what? WGI is only a 49%
partner in the new INL contract. All those lucky folks that get to
experience the beauty and grandeur of Idaho get to do so with deferred
pensions from SRS, or an actual pension if they quality. Of course at
SRS, the pension formula uses 0.012 times years of service, with a 50%
vesting factor only after 15 years, going to 1.0 when age and years of
service reach 85. If I were to get tapped, my total pension after 30
years of service split between PNL and SRL would amount to ~13% of my
current salary, forever frozen in 2005 dollars. So instead of worrying
about loosing your COL, I suggest that is not the half of your worries
if UC leaves and some hungry contractor comes to town. With ~15,000
already laid off from SRS, and thousands more from Rocky, Mound, and
Fernald, the contractors have simply used this as an opportunity to pick
up decades of expertise at bargain prices. I now work with individuals
with split pensions from Rocky Flats, Mound, and PNL, all trying to make
enough to save for a decent retirement. DOE has talked about the
benefits of portable pensions for years, but frankly there is no
down-side from their perspective to treating us like so many migrant
nuclear workers. Highly educated, and highly skilled in the arts of
nuclear materials production, separation, use, storage, etc., but
frankly who else is going to pay these salaries for our specialized
skills? I always assumed that DOE would come to its collective senses
and realize that this is simply gutting the chances for attracting the
next generation of talent into the complex. They talk the talk, but the
bottom line is dollars. It is simply easier to rob thousands of the
chance for a meaningful pension, and allow contractors to shuffle us
hither and yon across the complex. Expect a separate 'cleanup'
contract, with worker's professional careers channeled into a backwater
of alphabet soup contractors, with pension benefits subdivided and
isolated at each hand-off. Good Luck, and God Bless.

Signed, Been There, Done That

# posted by Doug Roberts : 8/21/2005 06:27:00 PM 2 comments
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