Thursday, August 04, 2005

University of California Launches Employee Ethics Hotline

From Anonymous:

I wonder when this will be announced by UC: This was the only source I could find for this story. It says the hotline is already in place.

I plan to call the hotline to report an ethics issue: Nanos is still on the UC payroll. Unethical, to say the very least. Obscene is much a better description.
Why bother?
This hot line is totally unnecessary. Management was just required to take "Respectful Workplace" training on line. Everything is better now.
Why does UC want to spend money on a hotline? They don't discipline the people who are caught when they are reported. I know of safety problems reported to HSR about which nothing was done. For those who go to the press with unsolved ethics or safety problems -- they can expect to be fired.
And we all know what happened to Glen Walp and Steve Doran when they reported majot theft. They were fired.
UC is only interested in keeping these cases out of the newspaper, not in solving them. I have witnessed this on more than one occasion.
I think I got this figured out. This story announces a new supplier for the existing UC ethics hotline.

I had forgotten about this hotline. Has anyone used it?
poster 8/05/2005 09:24:38 PM

This is totally correct for this division. If you say anything in this division HSR for security or safety concers you will be terminated or retaliated against. Rad Techs are told to be quiet and say nothing and those that do will be terminated. Same goes for the IT support staff. It is real simple be quiet or be terminated.
There are more than 3 whistleblower complaints against HSR management for similar threats and subsequent retaliation. Just think what will happen to the Radiation Protection Techs at Sigma.

HSR management removed Dr. Brady for allegedly having affairs with several of his female employees.
These vicious untruths have damaged Dr. Brady's family. There was no truth to these charges as Dr. Brady has been promoted to LANL Medical Officer.

One submitter has promised to release their HSR story on this BLOG.
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