Thursday, August 04, 2005

Transcript from yesterdays visit of the Secretary of Energy

[This post presumably refers to Secretary Bodman's recent visit to LLNL described in this link:


From Anonymous:

Is the complete transcript from yesterdays visit of the Secretary of Energy going to be available to us any time soon? There was a lot said yesterday that I want to read over again to make sure I heard him correctly. Please cite the URL where I can find this information in writing and on video.

From what I heard was, " he was sorry to see the mass exodus but he'd do his best to replace us as fast as possible". I need to verify these words are correct. The second comment was, " congress will not be funding NIF anymore and that he could not see the relationship between NIF and stockpile stewardship". Needs to be verified too.

Can anyone see the handwriting on the wall?



What a waste. Where are we
headed now?
Can anyone elaborate on the "mass exodus" referred to in the post?

Are LLNL employees bailing, or is this just hype like the supposed number of LANL employees that were going to leave in June?
I would venture to say that at least 50% of the LLNL employees will bail in June of 2007 or Sept 28th 2007. I have not talked to anyone that is of age 50 + who are staying. many of us are going to spend the next two years preparing for retirement or finding other forms of employment. As more people at LLNL and LANL see the video or hear the audio from the speech that Bodman gave here last week, the more of us that understand what he said," We are sorry to see you go but we will do our best to hire new people to replace you as soon as possible" So I say give them what they want and never look back. Personally I would say that anyone who is 50 years old that stays is a fool. We at LLNL know that what they do to you at LANL is the good deal we are going to get too. To date I have not seen or heard a thing about this new corporation they are developing that I like. It is lose, lose for all of us FTE's, even the ones who do not have the age or the time. Sorry but that is the facts.

Does anyone have the space on a server somewhere that can hold 60 mb of information. I could ftp the video to that server and then you can give everyone the URL where to down load it and listen for yourselves. The word needs to get out ASAP.
We here at LLNL that there are 2700 people at LANL with their retirement papers in who are just sitting around to see what developes with their new employer, and that if UC loses the contract those 2700 or more are going to bail on the same day. Can "anyone" confirm this as fact or fiction". We at LLNL would like to know if someone is blowing smoke up our skirts. Or, is it just all BS

By taking the LLNL piss-off sheet and sorting by date you can see that if all of these people had any intestinal fortitude they would all walk off the job on Sept 28th 2007. The question is, will they. There are 2,511 with start dates from 1958 - 1984. I removed the names and just gave you the dates. This is the most curent list. If we were to take the list out to 1986 we could increse the number to 2,952 people to walk off the job the same day. I only wish I had the leadership to incourage this movement. It would definately get the point across to DOE NNSA and the U of C. What do you say?

I will be at HR that morning to get my check out sheet.
I forgot to mention that the piss-off sheet shows that we have 8,773 people at LLNL so I guess having 2,900 or so walk off the job really won't make much difference. That's less then 1/2 the population. Oh well, lets give it a go anyway.
Now I understand why Mr. Bodman said. " I hate to see you go but we will do our best to hire replacements for you". He and all the cronies knew that even if these 2,900 or so people walked out the gate tomorrow they will function as if nothing happened. It will be business as usual. Their years of planning and recent influx of new hires has now been explained. They have been planning for a worse case senerio. Job well done DOE.
So this would mean that the person that you are training now is actually your replacement.
One more question. Is the presentation at the URL below the game plan that LANL and LLNL should expect, or is it worse. Please site page # and facts when replaying.
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