Thursday, August 04, 2005

Traces of LANL metal found in other states

[A slightly different version of the story.


By ANDY LENDERMAN The New Mexican |
August 4, 2005

A Los Alamos National Laboratory employee spread radioactive material into Colorado and Kansas while visiting his wife and mother, a lab spokeswoman reported Wednesday.

However, the levels of americium 241, a man-made metal, pose no health hazard, lab spokeswoman Kathy DeLucas said.

“The levels, of course, are very, very low,” DeLucas said. “They are easily detected by our instruments, but they present no health hazard. We now believe that we have captured all material that has traveled off site.”


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“The levels, of course, are very, very low,” DeLucas said.

Is it just me, or is this yet another instance of LANL PA obviously attempting to obfuscate unpleasant news about LANL. Why "of course"? The contamination spree went on for at least 10 full days before it was even discovered. There is nothing about this incident that can be considered to be "of course". Also, why has there not been more news about the form of the Am-241 involved in the contamination incident. Metallic; oxide, what?
An example of poor LANL communication. "Very, very low" does not convey any information. It is simply Lab blab by the PR folks. How different it would be if they said; "very, very low" and gave us the level. That would convey information.
Their current practices seem to focus on controlling public opinion, not informing it. Then they wonder why people doubt their veracity.
Something for Kuckuck to work on, in the time that remains.
"...we have captured all the material that has traveld off site." Only Los Alamos PA office would write something sooooo obviously false. It is an ignorant statement coming from a scientific institution. It ranks up there with the 6 zeros nonsense.
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