Sunday, August 14, 2005

To: LANL Contractor Candidates

In order for Los Alamos National Laboratory to move forward as a viable scientific institution from the troubles inflicted upon it from the outside (by Congress, the Clinton and Bush Administrations, and DOE, and exacerbated by an opportunistic news media) and inflicted upon it from within (by the previous Lab Director), it will be necessary for the next contractor to remove from positions of power -- Division Directors and above -- any who hold the view that shutting down LANL was a necessary action by a bold visionary to preserve the scientific output of the Laboratory.

I am saddened by the continued silence from the University of California about these cataclysmic events in the life of Los Alamos National Laboratory. On the day of the announcement of the bids, Mike Anastasio (UC's candidate for Lab Director) failed to say anything like what C. Paul Robinson (Lockheed Martin's candidate) said, namely, that the shutdown would not have happened on his watch; to paraphrase Robinson, why administer chemotherapy to a whole community when one person has been diagnosed with cancer?

The upper Lab managers who have endorsed, whether explicitly or tacitly, the need to shut down the entire Laboratory for over a half year should look to escape, as did the former Director, to a comfortable position courtesy of the UC bureaucracy, since it now appears unlikely that UC will be awarded the contract.

-Brad Lee Holian


You continue to show courage by using your own name to point out the obvious: Nanos is gone, but many of his hand-picked sycophants still infest LANL at the top levels. I do believe Lockheed Martin is aware of who the former Nanos-supporters are. I don't believe many of them are smart enough to depart before LM arrives and unseats them. Knowing a few of them as I do (Marquez, Devaurs, McCumber, Seestrom), I rather suspect that they believe their sucking-up skills will continue to serve them well under the new contractor. It won't be pretty when they discover otherwise.
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