Thursday, August 25, 2005

There was an itty-bitty radiological contamination at Sandia today

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There was an itty-bitty radiological contamination at Sandia today, they immediately sent an email to all employees, cordoned off the area, gave an update on the employee's safety...seems it was a very minor amount of contamination on a glove. So looks like the Labs are learning from open, be quick, do the right thing, everybody is happy. Accidents will happen in the best of environments, so the issue is recover and learn lessons, not cover up or blame, etc.

Sorry, LANL does not work that way. LANL has a minimum three day wating period before alerting the citizens to contamination events. The minimum waiting period derives from how long LANL thinks it can get away without telling anybody about the event before it is leaked to the blog.

They misjudged the last one.
That's because Baghdad Bob agonized for two whole days on how to best put a "happy face" on the event.

If he had only agonized for a single day he would have come out smelling like roses. Instead, he got scooped.
Looks to me like they've learned to overreact.
I thought the event at Sandia was due to the problems at LANL.
Let's wait an see if this gets the same media play as the recent americium-241 incident at LANL.

My suspiscion is that the ABQ media will bury this story entirely.
It is disgusting to see like many bloggers in case there is real or invented problem quickly start kicking LANL, claiming they kick UC, and protect Sandia in similar situation. They usually are LANL workers and scientists who presumably seek truth and objectivity.
How come no comments on blog or in ABQ media about close down of the Tritium facility? Did LANL succeed in burying that story too?
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