Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Team Looking into Spread of LANL Contaminant

Aug. 2--A special team of investigators has been dispatched out of state to see if a Los Alamos National Laboratory worker exposed to radioactive material spread it beyond New Mexico, a spokeswoman said Monday.

And one other lab employee's home has shown signs of slight contamination, spokeswoman Kathy DeLucas said.

The first employee was exposed to americium 241 last month while at work, and trace amounts of that material were later found at the employee's home and in his car, according to the lab.

Lab officials have said the contamination poses no credible risk to the general public.


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"An investigation aims to determine when and how the worker was exposed to the americium, DeLucas said."

Watch out for the use of classification and personal information smoke screens to obscure this determination.
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