Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Space Committee fiasco


Please bring to light this ongoing fiasco by the Space Committee and the lab/DOE funding cycles. Engineering Division is being moved out of TA3-410 during our busiest time of the fiscal year. Our usual business cycle is very slow during Oct/Nov/Dec when no groups know what money they have or what projects they can complete. This is the time to move someone, do training, scope projects. We then have a backlog of work that all gets funded about June 15 and now we're in a mad rush to complete equipment installations and facility upgrades before Sept. 30. Some of us will be moved twice in the next 50 days and yet we're still trying to meet deadlines.

I would appreciate any corrections, but as far as I know, this is what is happening: Moves like this send ripples all through the lab. If ENG misses deadlines supporting programs, then programmatic work misses deadlines. We have excellent DL, GL, DGL, but I'm so afraid they'll get sick of this bs and leave, and then we'll be left with the managers that others post about.

All this money will be spent shuffling us around, so that we can rush into the Fall doldrums once again when no one has any money to do work. This seems like the stupidest possible way to do business, and yet this is what we are forced to do all because of EXTREMELY BAD PLANNING from the Space Committee and Bruce Scott.

A Frustrated TSM in ENG

Ah, mitch, it is fairly obvious that you posted this. it is never a good idea to compliment yourself in a post. Guess what -- the reason that facilities and engineering sucks at LANL is that every year they rennovate their space with G&A funds, and then there is no money to actually support the facilities that do the real work.
LANL: one big happy family.
If you want to see ancient facilities
drop in to DX-1,DX-3 or DX-6. Some
of those buildings are 50-years old.
They have that bombed-look like
maybe the Taliban just left.
My heart bleeds for ENG...such bloated overhead than one could ever imagine.

ENG, you have it good! I wish I had your space and your pay scales.
"ENG, you have it good! I wish I had your space and your pay scales."

You just figured out a basic science PhD is not the most marketable (or finacially rewarding) degree? You should have majored in something valued by every organization in every industry -- engineering.
T Division should just hang on..... The IM building soon to be erected will be vacant as soon as that worthless crew is disbanded by Lockheed... a whole bulding will be available. Who okayed wasting money on a new building for a redundant support division?
10:15 Do you have anything to back up your claim that IM is a support division, redundant or otherwise?
Actually, it's T-10 that's moving, not T Division. And they aren't happy about the move either, although they are looking forward to get out of the buildings that they have been asking Facilities to have repaired (leaks, etc.) for several years! And they will have to move again in another couple of years.

DOE has a rule that says for every building that's built, another one has to be torn down so that the compelx is not really "growing", unlike the DOE which seems to employ a cast of thousands, most of whom are totally useless about making sensible decisions (Bruce Scott for one).
I'll trade my mouse-infested, 50-year-old unventilated hot-house for the T-10 space anytime. Where is DOE when it comes down to destroying the really worst office spaces?

ENG is still a bunch of bloated ingrates.
Definitely sounds like a Mitch Harris post though. Tear down the institutional philosophy, woe is me, woe is Engineering, and he ends up in the good graces of Mangeng, Cobb, etc and the hero to Engineering.

Snake - will take you down to benefit himself. If you are in Engineering, watch your back. I know from experience from years ago.

BTW - ENG does have some good people who want to do the right thing. Just poor management. Actually - that management might fit into the new LLC - profit and cut to the bone over everything else. Screw the people. What's in it for me!!
I think that you guys are being unfair to ENG. Yes, it stinks, it is bloated, it is inefficient, etc.
BUT, there are HR, SUP, FWD, PM, PS, COMPASS, DVO, EP, ENV, HSR, IPEO, S, and SSMO to share the incompetence. Each one of these has a DL, DDL, COS, etc. and sucks off of the over overhead budget.
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