Thursday, August 11, 2005

Root cause of the chemical uptake incident has not been addressed

From Anonymous:

The root-cause of the chemical uptake incident has not been addressed at
all. For years, management at TA-48 turned a blind eye to the fact that
the (retired) facilties manager was saving money by taking critical major
equipment such as air handlers off of the preventive maintenance
schedule. When you have 40 year old equipment that is running at full
capacity and is 20 years past its design life, you have to maintain
it. The equipment in this case, vacuum pumps as I understand it, is 15 to
20 years old. KSL has fallen down on doing repairs due in part to the
massive paperwork mountain required to get any work done now. and no one
wants to pay for repairs or maintenance in any case. DOE proudly says that
they build buildings, they don't maintain them. Management doesn't want to
take program money to pay for maintenance on programmatic equipment even
though their facilties tax doesn't cover it.
So you end up with old unmaintained buildings full of old unmaintained
equipment and accidents happen.

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