Thursday, August 04, 2005

A recurring theme

From Anonymous:

Today's WWG (
Weapons Working Group - Nuclear test planning coordination) went very long (8:30 to noon) and covered the alpha test exercise at NTS. A recurring theme (tactfully put) was the damage NANO's LANL shutdown did to our national security by delaying solutions to a key national security problem. I'm ashamed he's still on the UC payroll.

Thank you for staying till the bitter end!
History will stand on stage and be the most severe critique of Nanos and the University of California and National Security will cower in the audience and weep.
Nanos should be in jail
Poster, why are you ashamed? Are you keeping him there? Might I suggest that you and UC are not one in the same? I hope that you have not linked your identity to UC, or LANL for that matter.
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