Thursday, August 18, 2005

A never-ending saga that changes its ending daily

A comment from the


And now, as of today, the entry reads:

"George Peter (Pete) Nanos was the former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory from January 2003 to May 2005. As of 2005 he was the shortest serving director of the laboratory. He took the helm at Los Alamos in the wake of a string of allegations and scandals involving security, safety and business issues. Initially he was given the title "interim director", but in July 2003 he was made a permanent director by the University of California without any further search. Scandals continued during his tenure including: a case of suspected missing classified disks (which turned out never existed, but were thought to be missing due to inadequate record keeping practices), improper charges on lab credit cards, and a student injuring her eye with a laser ([1] PDF). These scandals motivated Nanos to stop all normal operations at the lab for nearly seven months (July 2004 to January 2005) to examine and supplement the Laboratory's procedures and practices. The shutdowns could have cost as much as $367 million USD [2]. During an address to Laboratory personnel, he characterized alleged rule-breaking scientists at the Lab as "cowboys" and "buttheads," causing an uproar amongst personnel who felt Nanos had little respect for their efforts to function under what they saw as perpetually defective management practices. He left Los Alamos to take a job at the Department of Defense (specifically the Defense Threat Reduction Agency). The year he left there was a large spike in retirements [3] and an employee-run blog attacked Nanos [4] and his management of the institution. Nanos left under a cloud of employee discontent, missed programmatic milestones and lingering security and safety issues. His successor was Robert W. Kuckuck, who took office on May 16, 2005."

-A never-ending saga that changes its ending daily.

This article seems close to the truth.
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