Friday, August 19, 2005

Mustang Charges Prompt Lawsuit

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer

In 2002, Lillian P. Anaya was accused of trying to buy a souped-up $30,000 Mustang with her Los Alamos National Laboratory purchase card.

During the subsequent investigations and media coverage that ensued over allegations of financial mismanagement and fraud at LANL— including several congressional hearings— Anaya spent 10 months on paid investigative leave before finally being exonerated in June 2003.

Then-LANL director Pete Nanos said of the allegations: "There was no Mustang."

Now, the 32-year LANL veteran purchaser and her husband are seeking compensation in a defamation lawsuit for what they say was pain, suffering and financial hardship resulting from the allegations, which appeared nationwide in press reports and were frequently cited by lawmakers as an indication of LANL's woes.


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It's about time. I hope that she takes all of them to the cleaners. The behavior toward this woman has been incredibly harsh!

BUT, what is this about UC covering the costs of defending those two lying ex-cops? What Walp and Doran did to this lady was outside of their authorized job duties. Why is UC defending these jerks? Do these guys have photos of Dynes and Foley performing immoral acts with barnyard animals?

Had UC been more agressive in defending this innocent employee, much of the awefull publicity and this lawsuit could have been avoided.

Certainly LM/UT would not behave in this fashion!
Paying for these guys' legal defense is an outrage!
UC paying for Walp and Doran's defense is not nearly as "egregious" as paying for Nanos' defense, all the while continuing to pay Nanos a nice, fat $245,000 / year reward for his f*ck ups.

Lockheed Martin: we're ready for you.
Hookem Horns!
Hey Lilly. You go girl!!
Good for you Lilly. I'm behind you 100%.
You go girl! I hope the first thing you buy with your lawsuit money is a mustang!
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