Saturday, August 13, 2005

Letter to Senator Bingaman

Senator Bingaman:

I am writing to you about an issue that is very important to me and I believe should be important to others in the United States Government. My name is John Horne and I work for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Until 23 September, 2004 my supervisor was Todd Kauppila. I know you are familiar with Todd and you might recognize my name since it was so widely publicized during the summer and fall of 2004. The events following 06 July, 2004 have changed my life and the lives of many people close to me in ways that cannot be remedied.

It is hard for me to believe that the furor and subsequent unwarranted punishments meted out to largely uninvolved personnel could be allowed in an institution that is operated for the benefit of this nation’s citizens. The facts surrounding this series of events are truly disturbing. In my view the actions taken against us represent an abuse of positions of power and authority by many highly placed officials at LANL, DOE, NNSA and politicians in the United States Congress. Todd and I served this country for more than two decades and in the end we were used to provide cover for an unethical management hierarchy and political machine that ran out of control.

Early in 2005 I became aware that hearings would be held in the Energy and Commerce Committee by Rep. Joe Barton of Texas. Both Todd and I spoke with Dwight Cates who is on the Committee staff. We explained the facts of the case as well as the evidence we possessed that proved the attempted cover up of the actual facts. We were confident that our information would be of interest to the committee. To our dismay we were never contacted again by Mr. Cates and when I viewed the hearings on C-span I was appalled at the testimony of Linton Brooks and George P. Nanos. Since I was forced into one of the central roles of this debacle I can assure you, first hand, that their testimonies were not representative of the facts.

Because of the extended time frame surrounding these events it is not efficient to provide the necessary details in this letter. The purpose for writing to you is to inform you of the unethical and quite possibly illegal actions of the aforementioned officials and politicians. I am asking you to consider re-opening the inquiry into these events and to take the opportunity to meet with me so I can give you a detailed description of the events that occurred here in 2004 and 2005.

There has been an enormous cost to this period of LANL history. That cost is measured in the many hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars, the needless destruction of lives and careers, and the loss of life of one dedicated American, Todd Kauppila. Because of this, I respectfully ask for your assistance.


John N. Horne

If Mr. Horne is proven correct about a cover-up he should be regarded as a true patriot. If not what has been lost that already isn't? I believe many agree with Mr. Horne that there are still questions to be answered that have left an institution and a community besmirched. As much as many of us revere Senator Domenici, we are having a hard time swallowing his admonition just to "get over it." Senator Bingman should take it as a compliment that his assistance herein is solicited.
Unfortunately, Jeff Bingaman is a lapdog for the Democrat Party leadership. He'll look at all the political angles and do what's expedient - not what's ethically right.
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