Thursday, August 25, 2005

Laboratory is responding to employee concerns

From the 8/25/2005 LANL NewsBulletin:

By Steve Sandoval

August 25, 2005

Marquez speaks to state committees at Fuller Lodge

Associate Laboratory Director for Administration (ADA) Richard Marquez told state legislators Wednesday in Los Alamos that the Laboratory is committed to addressing employee issues while also continuing to meet its programmatic missions.

At a joint meeting of the state Information Technology Oversight and Legislative Laboratory Oversight committees in Fuller Lodge, Marquez said Laboratory Director Bob Kuckuck understands that employees are concerned about the state of the Lab given the contract competition for management of Los Alamos as well as residual concerns about the suspension of Laboratory operations. He said Kuckuck “has taken it upon himself to bring an era of calm to the frenetic pace of activities at the Lab.”


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Marquez then proceeded to stare at Rep. Debbie Rodella's chest (D-Rio Arriba) contemplatively as he further reflected upon all the goodness that UC has brought to Los Alamos.
... continue rowing. Do not be alarmed. The water pouring through the hole in the side of the ship is a mechanism the captain has devised to keep you from overheating. He is responding to your concerns. We continue to be on course. Keep rowing......
Thanks to the earlier posters for the comic relief. Seriously, it does not speak well of LANL that Marquez is still here. He should have gone when Joe Salgado was removed.
Speaking of "comic", that describes these "oversight" hearings, which only had substance when the California Legislature was present, which of course was in a position to threaten the UC budget and therefore to demand some answers. The New Mexico Legislature has no "clout" over the Lab budget so this is a poor sham, and should be eliminated. Or, at least, it should be funded out of Public Relations. But then of course Nick Salazar, who is always at these hearings, is paid by PR, and it shows.
Not even a good show.
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