Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kuckuck: Leaders are good listeners

From the 8/3/2005 LANL Dail NewsBulletin:

By Hildi T. Kelsey
August 3, 2005

Greeted by applause, Laboratory Director Robert Kuckuck on Monday talked to Director's Development Program (DDP) participants about his views on leadership and answered related questions at a meeting in the Jemez Room of the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center at Technical Area 3. Although Kuckuck just recently learned of the program, his perspective was that the Los Alamos DDP was one of the better ones, adding “and I designed the one at Livermore, so that is saying something.”

During his talk, Kuckuck said, “People are the strongest component of leadership.” He noted that it is important to truly listen to what individuals are telling you. “People know if you are listening or not. You really have to listen to make it effective,” he said. According to Kuckuck, watching body language and reading signals during interactions also are important.


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Really nice line ( the part about “good listeners”.). Since no AD/DL/GL been fired for being “bad listener”, do I assume everyone is OK or are you just mentoring the incompetent listeners behind the scenes? (If you need help identifying the: “bad” I‘ve got some good detectives/detectors you can employ.) Whatever: you’ve got your line, Nanos HAD his. (Cycle: spank-stroke, stroke-spank….). And why did a dedicated TL (Later Died, FAMILY DESTITUTE) get fired for being on vacation when a negligent TSM craps-up the U.S. with Am -241 AND STILL HAS HIS JOB?!!!
Yes I would like to know who's listing because in the NMT division it seems like know one's listening, just lip service. TSM can do no wrong. I know some TSM that are as smart as a box of Rock, but the group leader love them because they have a degree,only in PF-66
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