Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Invasion Of The Chinese

[Speaking of tracking unwanted visitors, this Time Inc. story is pretty interesting. --Doug]

Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them)

It was another routine night for Shawn Carpenter. After a long day analyzing computer-network security for Sandia National Laboratories, where much of the U.S. nuclear arsenal is designed, Carpenter, 36, retreated to his ranch house in the hills overlooking Albuquerque, N.M., for a quick dinner and an early bedtime. He set his alarm for 2 a.m. Waking in the dark, he took a thermos of coffee and a pack of Nicorette gum to the cluster of computer terminals in his home office. As he had almost every night for the previous four months, he worked at his secret volunteer job until dawn, not as Shawn Carpenter, mid-level analyst, but as Spiderman—the apt nickname his military-intelligence handlers gave him—tirelessly pursuing a group of suspected Chinese cyberspies all over the world. Inside the machines, on a mission he believed the U.S. government supported, he clung unseen to the walls of their chat rooms and servers, secretly recording every move the snoopers made, passing the information to the Army and later to the FBI.


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This story scares the hell out of me if it's true. First the Chinese are getting into our classified systems, and second this country would go after an American trying to help rather than go after the enemy. Political correctness is going to destroy this country.
Please be careful about what you think you are reading. The article talks about accessing networks from some computers in China. Remember that LANL's (and Sandia's and LLNL's) classified networks are not connected to the Internet so there is no way they could access classifed data. This misconception happens all the time when a story like this gets out. Of course that doesn't mean it is serious. It's damn serious because there is probably sensitive information that could be obtained.
I couldn't help but notce that in the story KOB did about the Sandia computer guy, the only video you saw was of Los Alamos.
KOB strikes again.

John Bass
"Decapitations will continue until morale improves!" -Tom Hunter, President, Sandia National Lobotomies. this the FIRST nail in the coffin of LockMart?
Not to worry: those Lockheed C-5 Galaxy coffins have lots of room for nails.
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