Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hook report goes to DA

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

SANTA FE - A spokesman for the Santa Fe Police Department confirmed a report on the beating of Los Alamos whistleblower Tommy Hook had been sent to the District Attorney Monday.

"Our records division actually sent it over (Monday) morning," Deputy Police Chief Eric Johnson said, adding that a few remaining transcripts would be delivered later.

The AP reported that DA Henry Valdez said Monday he expects it will take about two weeks to review a police report on an investigation into the June 5 beating of Los Alamos National Laboratory whistleblower Hook.


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Interesting. It looks as if the LA Monitor took the story down shortly after they put it up. I wonder why?

The story is on the New Mexican's website.
The story is still on the Monitors website.

Pray for jail time & public appology to the lab from that snake
I will pray for a decent investigation and punishment for whoever beat Hook up. Whether one likes Hook or not, beating people up is a crime. If Hook did something wrong, he deserves punishment as well. Hopefully the police went to the trouble to see if any person called him to lure him to Cheeks. He at least deserves to have his story checked out.
To anonymous at 8/03/2005 03:08:53 PM, the police did check out Hook's story. There was no phone call.

As far as the ass-kicking, the smart money says that Hook started the problem by hitting a pedestrian with his car and then escalating it. He was no doubt fotified by a considerable quantity of dutch courage.

Then, he compounded matters by giving a false report to the police!
Hook is an idiot that lacked the stones to fess up to his wife and family about his night out on the town. He then compounded the problem by lying and allowing LANL to suffer more bad, and undeserved, press from the local pravda...
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