Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ex-LANL computer is focus of investigation

By ANDY LENDERMAN | The New Mexican
August 27, 2005

A surplus computer from Los Alamos National Laboratory sold at a public auction is at the center of a federal investigation into whether classified information was on it, and why readable files were not removed before its sale, authorities say.

KOB-TV of Albuquerque reported Thursday night that one of its photographers bought an Apple computer several weeks ago. "In the computer ... we found documents labeled classified," KOB reported.


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The floggings will continue until morale improves.
Well I guess you had better get tough because it's as good as it gets. Just as the Sec of Energy said," you've been ridng that gravy train for decades" now it's time to intruduce you to the real world i.e. corporate America. You are going to get the royal whinnie with no KY. Enjoy the trip.
The previous note is inappropriate as a comment on this post. It should be a separate post.
It perfectly appropriate. It basically says that the employees of LANL are the leading cause for the labs to have been bid out to the private sector. That is a fact. If it wasn't for LANL making the news almost every week LANL and LLNL would still be run by the UC and you would all have your job, but no; you guys had to go and screw it up for everyone. Personally I am surprised that anyone wants you, except to use and abuse, which is what you are going to get. Thanks.
To 1:22-

I haven't worked at LANL for decades, 7 years to be exact, so I have nothing to compare against.
It hasn't exactly been a "gravy train."
Anonymous : 8/27/2005 04:57:17 PM
Missed the point!

There was very impotant information in that comment (anonymous @ 8/27/2005 01:24:10 PM).

It should be put up as a post!
Anonymous : 8/27/2005 04:57:17 PM:
I would like to meet you and Tommy Hook at Cheeks some night.

You are way off base. Yes, there are 12000 people who get a payheck at LANL every year. But, with a few exceptions, these are really the good guys. Many of the engineers and scientists work 50+ hours per week just to do better in their jobs.

Of course there are a few buttheads and cowboys, but they are in the minority.
Pulling the post will do no good. Since I always take the original post plus my comments and send them to the UCDC and the Sec of Energy. Those are the people that really count and thay are the ones all of you should be addressing. So keep pulling the post. All will be well. Everthing you post is being seen by important people. So far I am sure they are impressed with all of your finger pointing and threats.
8/28/2005 08:59:05 AM refers to the fact that I have deleted several poorly-written anonymous posts, each of which conveyed the opinion that the national laboratories are a complete waste of money, populated by lazy people who "couldn't make it in the private sector".

Posts like that will continue to be deleted, as they do not add anything substantive to the discussion.

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention: this is my blog, and I set the journalistic standards. If you don't like it, then please feel free to go somewhere else.

The current spammer of this blog referred to above, by the way, is coming from this machine:

Here is his current activity:

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Bravo, Doug! I managed to read one of this person's posts before you had a chance to delete it. People who insist on posting garbage like that deserve to be exposed. If the other posts were of equal quality, then we aren't missing much.
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