Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DOE probes another LANL mishap

By ANDY LENDERMAN | The New Mexican
August 10, 2005

LOS ALAMOS — A Los Alamos National Laboratory employee was hospitalized for six days in July after being exposed to fumes from a toxic chemical, the lab reported Tuesday. A second employee was exposed to the same mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids, but was not hospitalized .

The lab’s top management apparently didn’t learn of the early-June incident resulting in the hospitalization until Aug. 3.

Now a third employee has been placed on paid leave while lab officials and federal Department of Energy investigators look into the incident and why Director Robert Kuckuck was not informed until last week.


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is it cowboys or idiots?
Buttheads or Morons
Same thing. I heard a rumor, blatand disregard for safety and security is ....."an accident"
Definitely no TSM future at LANL for these two post-docs. What were they
thinking? Didn't they know how to use a ventilation hood? Did they
really think they could keep a six-day stay at the hospital for acidic
lung damage secret from everybody? Six days in the hospital indicates
a serious problem! Who are these bozos, and who is their GL? Anyone
know? They have probably sunk all chances of UC winning the new contract.
11:40:34 AM HOPE SO!!!!
You just know that Kuckuck has got to be asking himself, "Why, oh why, did
I ever accept this job?" And our former Admiral must be feeling some sense
of vindication from all of this week's news. It's buttheads and cowboys to
the national spotlight, once again. This all makes me feel very nauseous.
Actually it makes Nanos look even more like an idiot. It shows that the six-moth stand down with a ton of training was worthless and that the real problems where not addressed.
Remember the Six Zeros? Remember Nanos' legacy of widespread fear of retaliation. It's safer for employees to try to hide an accident than report it.
To 11:40:35 am -
The problem with these post-docs might well have been their mentor/supervisor. Who is the TSM responsible for them? How compliant has this individual been? What is their track record on perfoming safely?
Well, LANL made the Drudge Report again. The cowboys ride again.
To 11:40:35 (once again drearily):

"They have probably sunk all chances of UC winning the new contract."

Sorry, but UC did not bid on the contract and therefore cannot win. The new corporation (as required by the RFP) is Los Alamos National Security, LLC. Anyone who expects anything with a cuurent "UC" label on it (benefits, health care, retirement) to survive the transition is dreaming.
Hmmm Doug, how are some of these posts not classified as "irresponsibly defaming" towards the individuals involved in the incident?
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