Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Contaminant traced to Kansas and Colorado

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

The Los Alamos National Laboratory employee found to be contaminated with low levels of radiation last week contaminated homes visited in Kansas and Colorado over the weekend before the person's condition was discovered.

A Department of Energy Radiological Assistance Program team was dispatched to the undisclosed locations in the two nearby states, a laboratory official said, and their response to the event has been completed.

"We did remove some items from the out-of-state locations that he visited," said Kathy Delucas, a LANL spokesperson. "The levels were very low. They are detectable with instrumentation, but pose no health risk. We believe we have captured all material that went off site."

The contaminant has been identified as americium-241, the most common isotope of the element.


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This is hilarious...
Move along, citizens. There is no reason for alarm. The situation is under control. Move along, citizens. We are monitoring the situation and will advise you of any danger. There is no reason for alarm. Continue with your assigned work details. Move along, citizens.
How can they know that all the
Am241 was captured when they
don't know how much there was?
07:44:25 PM:

Your question has a Zen character about it.

LANL has much to learn, Grasshopper.
I assume WIPP will be getting some household items from Kansas and Colorado. ;-)
Not only do they not know how much how can they be sure they where it went or who else it was shared with? Is this a loss of government property?
This is not funny (strange or amusing). He blatantly disregarded radiological postings/procedure. PAAA penalties (personal, corporate, civil, criminal) can be in effect. Why is he still employed??. His continued employment is the reason the likes of Nanos took over. UC/LANL- do your job before you need another dictator to do it for you! You’re used to “Publish or Perish”? Well in the operating world it’s: “Perform or Perish.” You think this is the first time, or the first time a bright RCT caught it? ADTS, HSR-DO (retired, in the nick), RPM, I know all of you: lose it. That RCT should be over you all.
8/03/2005 11:49:12 PM said:
"This is not funny (strange or amusing)... You think this is the first time, or the first time a bright RCT caught it?"

I could not make much sense of your comment. You are right about one thing. It is not funny.

I am glad that the RCT discovered the problem. Too bad it was not found ten days earlier.
Have they swept Smiths? Other local businesses this employee might have been to? What about the methods of transportation among states?
How about MIB, just look into the light, everything will be ok.
"How can they know that all the
Am241 was captured when they
don't know how much there was?"

Beware the contaminant was not americium, it was really uranium, just another conver up by DOE. Wait until this one hits the press!
Might want to wash your peaches from Smiths.
Speaking of peaches, has anyone checked whether this employee met anyone at Cheeks?
One moment of silence, please, for
the tech's unfortunate group leader
who is probably in LANL's version
of hell.
True, although I simply cannot imagine why anyone would want to be a group leader at LANL. If a person needs the extra money that badly, he should consider a more honorable profession, like prostitution (the real kind), or selling drugs.
Regarding peaches, let's nip this one in the bud. Fruit puns are the pits.
They don't appeal at all.
Moment of silence for Patterson, forget it, hope his Dep. Group Leader for Admin is really in hell she deserves it. Another usless appointment.
Come on 2:44, lighten up. "Peaches" are an euphemism.
Yes, that should be a pear ent to all.

Stop work America! You have Am241 EVERYWHERE! You must cleanse yourself of all smoke detectors in order to be free of this vile filth.

BTW - I'll take uranium (especially enriched) over Am any day of the week.
Relax y'all. Trace amounts
of transuranics are good for you.
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