Friday, August 12, 2005

Comment on "Venomous, mean-spirited anonymous comments."

From Anonymous:

I am from LLNL and I know that I should have a blog of my own but I don't think that anyone even cares about what is going to happen or believes that they have any say so. The attitude is, why bother they are going to do what they want to anyway. I guess that is why LLNL ans LANL re in the shape they are today. For that matter it is for that very same reason that our government is the way it is. People just don't care, but when they don't get what they want they bitch until hell freezes over and blam everyone but themselves.

Well this brings me back to the reason I am saying anything at all. I have noticed that there is more concern about bad mouthing people who I do not know then there is about your own welfare. I would think that all of the posts concerning anything but talk about retirement, benefits, and the up and coming contract should be abolished. Just don't post them and then no one will know the difference. Concentrate on the most important issues.

What should be happening on this blog is developing a movement for getting the people from both labs focused on a single objective. That objective should be to have everyone with a start dates of 1986 and earlier planning a mass exodus the day before the contract takes affect. This would mean that in June of 2006 , 2,700 people at LANL should be walking out the door. On Sept 28th of 2007, 2900 people from LLNL should be walking out the door the day before the contract takes affect. Lets give them what they want. I am.

Any ideas on how to get the word out and moving forward?

I am not from LANL, but I do work for the federal government in the nuclear industry. I agree whole heartedly with this post. My employing agency (DOD-Navy) is experiencing very similar problems (from my perspective) as the LANL folks are. I just recently discovered this blog, and think it is a terrific way for LANL folks to share thoughts and ideas. I applaud Doug for setting this up. I see alot of good information shared here but must agree the personal attacts don't seem to accomplish much other than giving the author a chance to vent or just stir the pot. I believe LANL is a very big place, and suspect the ability to network is pretty much limited to individual work locations. This offers a place to expand that with out the fear of being censored and having the ability to tell it like it is, and in a constructive way. Ultimately it will be the participants that decide whether this is a good tool or not.
I have been quiet on this blog for a while now. I got tired of politics.

So, I have been pursuing a tantalizing, very multidisciplinary project - learning and memory. I think that I know, at the molecular level, the logic of these processes.

If any readers of this blog would like to discuss more deeply aspects of modern scientific breakthrough research, please let me know, post comments on this blog or submit comments or posts to

I would like to have more people with whom I can talk science.


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