Friday, August 12, 2005

Comment on "Venomous, mean-spirited anonymous comments."

From Anonymous:

First, regarding the comment of Jim Hill : 8/12/2005 08:48:54 AM, I do
indeed "subscribe to the notion that the hue and anonymous cry raised by
this blog led to the ouster of Nanos." I don't think that the blog did it
alone, but I really feel that it was a major contributing factor.

As far as criticizing inept (or worse) managers on the blog, the problem, as
I see it, is that there is no other outlet. The Upward Appraisal system does
not work. The majority of the employees do not submit Upward Appraisals.
Most of the submittals have come from the very disgruntled (often
deservedly) employees. And, most of the appraisals that I see have
criticized management two levels up most severely.

These Appraisals often end up as more as a popularity contest. Since we are
no longer allowed to name NAMES, I cannot give some examples of individuals
who got excellent upward appraisals from a small fraction of their staff
meanwhile being subtlly abusive of others and embarrassing LANL by
incompetent project management!

The fact is that LANL managers at all levels seems quite unwilling to
address problems of any sort, in particular problems with their subordinate
managers. For one thing, the typical Division Director never EVER walks the
turf, except for the required Management Walkarounds. So, in a typical LANL
Division, the Division Director gets to each group once per year for about
one hour! A few have held brown bag lunches but that seems to have gone away
after Nanos became Director.

I do not have a solution to this problem. Good management would be a
solution but our problem is bad management!

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