Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Book Review: The E-bomb by Doug Beason

[The last few days have been slow news days, so what the heck. --Doug]

Book Review: The E-bomb by Doug Beason
By Kirkus Aug 23, 2005, 16:14 GMT

Directed energy is the wave (and not just the microwave) of the future, the source of weapons that will prove to be revolutionary.

Imagine, writes Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher Beason, that an angry mob has surrounded the American embassy in New Delhi—for though our friends today, the Indians can turn on us at any minute—and that some of them are carrying weapons.


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Well, if things are so slow, we could invite Gary Stradling down to Santa Fe for a visit to Cheeks.
Now, let's not start kicking Gary around, now that he's gone. As much as we might like to. Otherwise he'll hear about it, then he'll comlain about being treated unfairly on the blog, then he'll bother Doug, and in general continue to be a pain in the ass. Let's just be happy he's not here any more.
OK! So we won't kick Gary around. BUT, how about we invite Tommy Hook and Chuck Down to Cheeks for a blanket party?
slow news day. How about some comments on the soon to take affect RDL/FMD reorg in spite of a new contractor-LOCKMART or BECTAL in a few months. Talk about a total lack of foresight and leadership
Is blaming other people for the problems that you've created all that LANL employees have to do? What a bunch of turds. No wonder DOE and the UC want to get rid of you. May they be successful very soon.
Lets get back to what this blog is about. Your future.
I resent the comment by anonymous at 8/24/2005 05:34:16 AM. Other people have been a large part of the "problems" at LANL:

there was no Mustang
we are NOT a den of thieves.
there was no CREM lost

What we have seen is a feeding frenzy by irresponsible members of the media.
We have seen a lot of loud-mouth irresponsible statements by members of Congress.
We have had the lies by those two ex-cops.
We have had extremely spineless behavior on the part of UC.
And, we have had to continual incompetence of the DOE!

Yes, UC employees are not perfect. But be assured that their diligence and integrity far exceed that of the media and members of Congress!
06:47:04 AM, you did not place enough emphasis on the incredibly poor management skills demonstrated by UC, especially during this past year.
Anonymous at 8/24/2005 06:54:30 AM is WRONG!

UC has no management skills at all!
To the 6:47 poster, and others coming from that space. Perhaps a bit of introspection might be useful for you? The blanket denial of LANL failures isn't very credible.
For instance you refer to "lies by those two ex-cops", which would be Glenn Walp and Steve Doran. Having met Glenn Walp, I would say that he is about as solid as they come. His statements about LANL management behavior are credible and consistent with my own experience of the individuals he mentions. He settled with UC for about $1 million. Bussolini and Alexander pled guilty and were sentenced.
It does not serve LANL to have its (apparent) employees exhibit such denial of reality.
Well stated, 1:15:39 AM. I believe that the former director demonstrated the foolishness of the approach of attempting to deny reality.
To anonymous at 8/24/2005 11:15:39 AM: There is not a "blanket denial." The fact that only two individuals, Bussolini and Alexander, were caught in credit card fraud proves the point: LANL is NOT a den of thieves. As far as UC paying off those lying ex-cops, that is a matter of UC being spineless.
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