Sunday, August 14, 2005

The blog; anonymous comments

Hi Doug. Just some comments to you (unless you think it would help in some way, then please feel free to post it)

I read the blog almost every day. So does my 13 year old son. I've only made one post...the thank you note for everyone's support...but even during the summer doldrums when there wasn't much for folks to talk about, reading it gave us hope that the people who wronged us might still be held accountable for their actions because bloggers still voiced such dissatisfaction with their workplace.

I will admit that recent, hateful comments are obnoxious. We are, however, made of sterner stuff than to read a comment like the one made about Todd and think of it as anything other than blather. Yes, it hurt, but in the end, all the anonymous poster did, really, was ruin any hopes he had of anyone caring what he thought. Looking at it from another way, things like that ... comments which rile up our supporters... help to keep memory alive of the events that happened here. People are slowly forgetting all the bad stuff that happened and getting comfortable again in their jobs, figuring the system will take care of itself and such things will never happen to them (or not caring at all how or why, but resting comfortably with their paychecks being regular.) People like Mr. Stradling are convincing them that all is well and we're the bad guys (a job he's been hired to do???) Even I agree that censoring comments we don't agree with is wrong...and would not wish to be the one having to decide what to censor or not! I truly don't see things from Mr. Stradling's point of view and thus he is the enemy for thinking as such...but he has a right stand on the other side and to voice his opinion.

I agree, in general, that those who choose to post anonymously can be viewed wimps. On the other hand, over the months since Todd was fired, I started to resent some good friends because they did not come forward and defend Todd more. I found out later from people I know and trust that they had been threatened (directly, not implied) by managers. Yes, we are talking about some of the same managers that Mr. Stradling defends. These are people with families to feed, so while I still, on an emotional level, resent that they did not step forward, I see, on a logical level, why they did not. Retaliation is not only a possibility, it is very likely and has already been threatened in some cases. This mess was a conspiracy and all the players except Nanos are still here. A side note in response to Mr. Stradling's comment to John Horne about having proof...we have it and they will see their day in court. In the meantime, no proof is offered on either side in this forum. It's a place to vent, to share opinions, to commiserate.

I guess what I'd like to see is for an avenue of anonymous posting to still be available. I've noticed that a few have just given first names and maybe that's the answer. Or maybe encourage people to have forum names so ones who cross the line can have their accounts suspended? I just hate to see the chatter come to a screeching halt....and it seems that it has (John's letter to Bingaman should have gotten 30 comments by now!)

Thank you for your consideration. Regardless of your decision, I still appreciate and thank you for all your efforts.

Sara Kauppila

"I can tell you that the rest of us stakeholders are keenly aware that the due process you are entitled to (which apparently doesn't always occur) as a condition of your employment, does not in any way extend to protecting the expression of our views and opinions"

Due process? Ask Todd Kauppila and John Horne about due process at LANL.
Boy am I glad we did not move to New Mexico when a job was offered in 2001. Sara, you go girl. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the kids.
Sara you truly are made of sterner stuff and God bless you and your family. Please bloggers don't let us forget what was done to Todd, and yes, it could happen to you.
Thank you Sara.
Due process is available to LANL employees who feel they have been wronged, but it is not easy to actually get said "due process" because the rules are so complicated. It requires a lawyer or some other person familiar with the process to actually confront LANL management for its evil ways.
Still it can and has been done. LANL employees just need a way to share experiences with one another over standing up to management. It has been done, but few at LANL are willing to talk to others about their experiences.
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