Thursday, August 11, 2005

Abolishing Academia at LLNL

From Anonymous:

Abolishing Academia at LLNL

Contract FY 2007

For the first time in my career I can honestly say that the plan to establish a corporation to manage LLNL employees is an absolute brilliant venture, if the mission is to restructure the system without fear of law suites.

For me, my only question to the University of California and to DOE is; just how kind will they be to their loyal employees after twenty to thirty years of service when in fact it was their dedication to duty during the cold war era that kept this country free. For many of us it is imperative that the answer to this question be delivered on time and without procrastination by April of 2007.

So with that said I am going tell you what the employees of LLNL believe they are in for and quite frankly I do not believe that their worries are far from being the truth.

Fears about the new contractor taken as facts:

I cannot say that all of the above bullets are a bad idea but please give the people who are fifty year old with twenty years of service a golden handshake before Sept 29th 2007 and above all retain the medial benefits for all. The medical benefits are the most important thing one can have.

LANL Contract Proposal Pay close attention to page 15-second paragraph and page 16.

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