Wednesday, July 20, 2005

UT Forms Big Alliance for LANL Bid

By Adam Rankin

Journal Staff Writer

The first-ever competition to run Los Alamos National Laboratory formally began Tuesday, with one of the bidding teams making a last-minute announcement it had formed an alliance with more than 30 universities.

The team headed by Lockheed Martin and the University of Texas said the alliance would improve the team's strength in science and technology research.

t is going up against the University of California— the only manager the lab has ever had— and Bechtel National in a federal Department of Energy competition to capture the $2.2 billion-a-year LANL contract.


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How many hogs can feed at this trough? I think that this weakens the LM/UT proposal. First, it will likely be a very unwieldy management structure. Second, this group of 30 universities has a lot of non-citizens in high positions and the DOE and NSA will not like the relationship.
Hook'em HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:59 how right you are. These 30 universities don't have nearly the depth of talent and credibility of the partners UC has recruited, namly UNM and NMSU. I would venture to say that they're not in the same league. Why I would even bet good money that all 30 of them would go out of their way to publicize the fact.

And for all of you coneheads out there, this is SARCASM.
I got it, 11:42, but in the future, could you please try to lay it on a bit thicker? I suspect that there is still a physicist or two out there who didn't get it.

I think that it is unfair to lump NMSU with UNM. NMSU has far better programs in science and engineering. What suprises me is that UC has not signed up Highlands yet.
I for one, would welcome the chance to work under the esteemed Mannay Arogant (sp)and the Highlands University staff, after all they are a minority serving university and top-notch at that!
In what fields are NMHU "top-notch?" The only one that I can think of is bogotry.
That's bBigotry I believe -
I love schools like NMH that have changed from a "college" to a "university" in their name. I guess calling yourself a university makes you one.
Hey 01:17:55 PM just Like calling yourself a "national" laboratory makes you one...
Hey, 5.50 pm poster

LANL is a National Laboratory. In fact it is the premier National Laboratory of the entire country. We are ranked 10th institution in the entire world in terms of publications and impact. We have some of the best scientists in the world as seem by their impact and where they receive faculty offers from.

5:50 poster. Get your facts right before you say something again.
The "Alliance" fits with my own corollary to the LA Caveman's "Gravyon" theory, namely: "Gravy's On". Do I detect a special attraction for Texans and, who woulda thunk, Republicans?
Not the 5:50 poster---but I agree calling yourself a National Lab does not make you one, much less the best.
10:39 poster,

Wake up. We are the best NL in
the US. The facts are the facts.
Reality baby get hooked on.
Regardless of whether or not we're "the best," it is pretentious to claim that we have the "World's Greatest Science..." Maybe we do, maybe we don't. The honor should be bestowed, not claimed. More reality, baby.
LANL is certainly the premier scientific institution in the county.
What difference does it make if LANL is or isn't the best? The only thing that matters is that St. Pete keeps the money coming. Reality, baby.
5:23. I have to agree with you that LANL is most likely the premier scientific institution in the county ( you mean Los Alamos *county*, right?). Hard to beat that. However, if you're talking about the whole *country* then Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and a whole range of other academic institutions whomp over LANL in terms of the quality of science they produce. Hands down. That's why so many top LANL staff have left for these institutions in the last few years.
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