Friday, July 22, 2005

UC will keep Livermore lab contract for two more years


The University of California will manage Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for at least two more years, as the UC regents authorized an extension of the contract to operate the lab through September 2007.

The contract was due to expire Sept. 30, 2005, along with the Los Alamos National Laboratory contract. All three of UC's contracts to manage Department of Energy labs, including Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, are being put up for competitive bids following a series of security, safety and accounting blunders at the labs.


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DOE/NNSA MUST award the LANL contract to LM/UT. After all the politics and UC screwups of the past three years, they CAN'T award the contract to UC and reward their "We're a bunch of smart screw-ups and now we're going to do a much better job in the future."
Yes, I believe that the previous comment is correct! To award the LANL contract to UC AGAIN! would be a public statement that DOE screwed up. After all of the commotion, they would have just jacked the cost of running LANL from ~$8M to about $250M ($80M management fee, $100M gross receipts tax, & $70M pension costs).

And, it is true the UC made a mess of things.
The previous two posters have their heads in the sand, and I wonder how many current employees do too. Listen, folks - UC can't win the contract because it did not bid!! A private corporation called Los Alamos National Security, LLC, which includes a UC component, did bid. No one currently employed by LANL will be a UC employee after June 1, 2006. Is there really anyone out there that doesn't get this ??
Lighten up 09:42:58 PM. We know the LLC issue. For ease of discussions, it's simpler to use UC than use "Los Alamos National Security, LLC, which includes a UC component".
Which descriptor does the UC use? Anatasio and Kuckuck use LANSLLC.
How about LANSLLCFKALASLLTA (Los Alamos National Security, LLC, formerly known as Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory long time ago)?
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