Friday, July 15, 2005

Something is very much wrong here

From Anonymous:

I was looking at an earlier post to the blog, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Here's the post, dated June 27:

I just stumbled onto the UPTE posting of LANL salaries that is claimed to be current as of June 10, 2005.
There is a George P Nanos Jr., Z# 141597, hired 8/12/2002 listed as a "regular" ft "SENIOR ADVISOR" in "DIR" with a salary of $235,000.00.

This reeks of corruption. The worst director in the entire history of LANL abruptly left in disgrace last May after having done untold damage to the lab, and UC is still carrying him on the payroll. I would love to see one of the reporters who frequently writes about LANL dig into this one. Adam Rankin, are you interested? How about you, Heather Clark? Ian Hoffman? Keay Davidson? Sue Vorneberg? Diana Heil? Roger Snodgrass?

Something is very much wrong here.

to hell with these small-timers.... how about 60 Minutes?
Why isn't Congress investigating this?
Post whom I need to contact at either 60 minutes or Congress and I will gladly do it. Unfortunately I still must remain anonymous for reasons everyone who reads this understands.
Here's the address and email web site for story suggestions for PBS' Frontline :

125 Western Avenue
Boston, MA 02134
Fax: 617-300-1001
Come on! This is old news. The "Admiral" is not just a double-dipper; he's a serial dipper!
wow - deja vu all over again. The same posts showed up in June! The director is on a COS to DTRA, and DTRA pays the salary to UC to pay Petie.

No one likes the solution....but this is old news, and to recycle it here is ignorant. BTW, go ahead and call Adam Rakin -- this same comment was made last month also.
It is not foolish to keep this story alive. Nanos should have been *fired*, not rewarded with a high salary to go away on a cushy COS. UC's inability to deal with problems needs to be brought to light.
Hey, 06:07:51 PM:

Telling us that sending Nanos on COS was a bad solution that nobody likes, and telling us that we are ignorant for not letting it drop sounds pretty ignorant in itself. Maybe you are happy letting UC continue to completly shirk their responsibilities with respect to LANL. If so, how about if you just crawl back into a corner somewhere and continue to hide from reality. While you're doing that, the rest of us will persue some unfinished business -- seeing that Nanos eventually pays for his malicious, inept "leadership" during his brief reign at LANL.
Folks here sure have a lot of faith in the media. Every story I've ever seen that I knew anything about first hand was so corrupted with errors, deliberate bias, and sensationalism it makes me shudder to think what a hatchet job they'd do on LANL again when asked to look into Pete's politically-correct sweeping under the rug.

I've come to realize at that level, powerful forces will do everything possible to set up the perpetrators of horrible failures with face-saving exits and handsome payoffs.

They will sandbag all attempts to find out who they are, and the media, who are apparently as lazy as they have ever been, could be counted on to seek more firtile ground back at LANL.

I'm just still glad every day to be rid of GPN. I'm working, Kuckuck is doing his job: handling problems, and there have certainly been problems for him to handle. He's not blaming the staff, crowing about his ambitions to re-make the Laboratory, and feeding a maladaptive personality with the misery of others.

While I agree justice was never served, it shouldn't be a surprise to see that life isn't fair. GPN is getting a good deal at taxpayer expense that he does not deserve.

There are similar injustices going on all around: HP "fired" Carly Fiorina with $30 million dollars to cushion the blow, and now they're going to lay off thousands because of her badly botched plans and management deficiencies.

I'd love to see the energy applied to the justified, but quite possibly futile, pursuit of GPN turned toward LANL and getting it back on the tracks and moving again.

Life may yet get even with GPN in one way or another. It may already have. A big salary may not buy him peace of mind and happiness. He seems like the sort of person who will be bitter and angry their whole lives.

Why waste your precious lifetime going after such a loser?
To 6:56, how exactly do you expect to accomplish this unfinished business. Dream on!!
Well said, 07:23:47 PM. My problem is that I have an aversion to unfinished business. I personally will not be satisfied until George P. Nanos is widely known for the inept, malicious, egotistical, incompetent fool that he is. This blog has a wide and deep readership, and that is a start. If the media picks it up and brings the true Nanos even further into the public eye, so much the better, and I applaud those who attempt to make that happen.
To everyone who desires to see justice done I applaud you. It is absolutely essential not to let this drop off the radar. You can call your Senators and the press. Once someone in the media picks up on this and starts to make the politicians nervous they will start to react. We all know that a politician never takes up a cause until it is in his or her best interest to do so. Media pressure is the key. Then Domenici and the others might take this seriously.
I intend to continue to pursue this. The Kauppila family was destroyed by these people for no reason. Todd was a great american who dedicated himself to this country. It would be a true travesty if Nanos, Foley, Jones, Seestrom and the rest are allowed to get away with this. The tactics employed by these people should never be allowed in this country again. Please keep up the pressure.


John N. Horne
You are right, 07:52:09 PM. Lot s of people read this blog. I have seen UCOP, LM, DTRA and DOE on the blog. It is safe to assume that many people within those organizations know full well what many of us feel about Nanos, and UC. In fact, unless all the folks at those organizations are fools as well, they know that Nanos is not to be trusted in an upper management position.

What remains to be done is to bring the corruption of the system sufficiently into the spotlight that we can facilitate putting to an end this obscenity of Nanos continuing to be paid an exhorbitant salary as an apparent reward for having wreaked havoc ln Los Alamos.
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