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The skinny on retirements...

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Actual LANL retirements already ahead of last year

LOS ALAMOS (2005-07-05) -- Retirements of University of California
employees at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the first nine months
of the 2005 fiscal year are 78 percent ahead of last year's 12-month

Spokesman James Rickman tells KSFR the laboratory has recorded 448 actual
retirements for the nine-month period Oct. 1, 2004, through the end of
June 2005. That compares with 251 for all of last year and 235 for the
full 2003 fiscal year.

He says uncertainty over the bidding process for the lab's contract is
adding to the number of retirements.

Rickman says the number of retirees typically peaks in the month of June
each year as eligible employees calculate the seasonal advantages of
retirement. Last year's June peak was 125 retirements, or half the total
for the full year. The number retiring in June 2005 was 272.

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So, retirements are running about twice the normal rate. No surprise. BUT, had the UC contract not been extended until May 2006, the number of retirements would certainly have been much greater.
And look at what is has done to the real estate maket here...
Anyone interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against UC for what they did to the price of our houses? That was my kids college fund! People win for a lot sillier things, and the Dynes/UC/Foley negligence in keeping GPN in power for so long should be appropriately rewarded. I'm thinking something along the line of $20 million ought to be about right ($50k/house on the market; $5 million for the lawyers).
I hope that those retiring aren't just walking back in as "consultants", which happens far too much at LANL. Nanos, whatever his failings, was right when he attacked this "good old boy" scheme. Some of them may, indeed, have skills which are essential. Most of them don't. A good part of the LANL staff which is able to retire, would benefit the country by retiring.
This could do wonders for LANL overhead, where too many of these old timers live... Which would make LANL more competitive.
If LM gets the nod, this is one place where reform is very badly needed.
6:27 and 8:18, you have not shown price or sales data, merely the number of houses for sale.

Do you have similar data such as $/ft2 or the number of houses sold?
8:18 - your financial planning leaves something to be desired - your house was your children's college fund?
To 12:19 - follow the links.
To 8:18 - housing markets tank and that's the way it goes. Another fine example of LANL personnel and all their feelings of entitlement.
Perhaps Pete was right to attack the consultant "good ol' boy scheme," but the rest of the LANL good ol' boy/girl scheme of promoting one's pals who are unqualified for a job is still alive and kicking.
Wait until the huge wave of retirements of May 2006 start coming in...
Many people have postponed their retirements because they are waiting to be a certain age, or they are hoping to finish a project, or they want to get another year of retirement before they go. I suspect there will be a steady stream of retirements from now until the actual final date of the contract May 6, 2006 or whatever. At least that is what my spouse and friends are doing.
7/07/2005 11:54:41 AM said:

"Nanos, whatever his failings, was right when he attacked this "good old boy" scheme."

So it is ok for him to double dip but not for me. Is that what you are saying? I lost a year's salary by retiring last July to secure my pension. I sure would have liked to have been able to get some of it back.

Larry Creamer, Retired
The Detonator Group
1944 - 2004
give 'em the devil larry!!!!
bob mCcormick
Admiral Butthead is a hypocrit when it comes to the old boy network and double dipping. There is no stronger old boy network then the academy rign knockers!
Larry, of course you can "double-dip", but apparently not at the same place.

That distinction is indeed there in what Nanos, Foley, Beason, Tarantino, and other military retirees do.
Watch it. I believe the iBlogger is still dipping.
Can anyone get a count of the staff members who are on leave without pay? I met some who have already started new jobs but are in LWOP status, waiting to see what happens with the contract.
Leave without pay status only entitles an employee to "internal applicant" status when they decide to return. That really does not amount to much these days.
I retired in January of this year and used my nambe certificate to buy a wedding gift and told my secretary to take the $100 for a retirement party spend it on herself.

Sold the house in LA in late January and moved east. Jobs are plenty, annual performance salary increases are 7 - 15 percent.

Looking at a new BMW M3 and just bought a house on the water in Annapolis. I just want to thank all those incompetent managers I suffered under at LANL, cause I wouldn't be looking at a 48 foot sailboat if I had stayed.
bob mCcormick Anonymous : 7/07/2005 04:21:54 PM said:
"give 'em the devil larry!!!!"

Thanks Bob. This Lab needs help, but they don't want old timers like us. The kids know it all.

Larry Creamer, Retired
The Detonator Group
1944 - 2004
To poster 3:01 pm - Thanks for the reality check! Yes, there are far
better places to work than LANL, and we all sometimes forget that fact.
For those who leave, my guess is most will be very happy with their
decision when they look back at it in a couple of years. And for those
LANL TSMs with a clearance, know that your clearance has economic value.
The last time I checked, employers were desperately scrounging to find
technical workers with TS clearances to handle all the new work generated
by the fallout from 911. If you feel unappreciated at LANL, you can
expect to easily find a well paying job elsewhere. Just take off your
blinders and look around. Los Alamos is not the center of the universe.
I was shocked and amazed when I tossed my blinders to look around at other job openings. I can better myself by at least a 40% raise to leave LANL. Now if I take the UC retirement I could almost double my annual income. By the way, three of the companies I am studying charge nothing for their health benefit plans and contribute heavily to their employees' 401k plans in a tiered plan up to the IRS limit of personal contributions along with generous stock options. Eleven holidays and three weeks of vacation to start. I am polishing my resume, and I don't need a clearance.
5:07:33 post a link to that company please!
To 10:17:, upper right corner look for "careers". Then check out their benefits section.
I'm a solid-state microelectronic component rf device guy, so it works for me. I've already verified the salary levels privately.
10:17, My husband and I moved to DC this past winter after leaving the lab and there are all kinds of jobs out here if you have skills and experience. Also as someone here said earlier, if you have a clearance it makes you that much more valuable. True, the housing prices out here are steep, but if you're any good you'll make the kind of money - figure on a minimun 10-20 percent increase in pay - to be able to afford it. Plus, moving to a big city gives you all kinds of choices in moving around and moving up the ladder. Working for one of the good beltway bandits means that they'll transfer your clearance, up your pay from what you made at LANL, throw in moving expenses, and pay for your daily commuting costs to and from work. Biggest bonus I find is no longer having to work for NNSA and putting up with all their nonsense. 5:07 - Some of the best companies are Accenture, BAE, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, and Perot Systems. Stay away from SAIC. The good companies will work you hard, but it's worth it: I just bought my husband a big beautiful house in McLean, VA and an apartment in New York City. Like 3:01 said, for all this I can thank my short-sighted, narrow-minded former LANL managers.
One of the worst aspects of working at LANL is the feeling of somehow
being captured by the job and the community. Poster 1:02pm is right.
Employers are begging for cleared technical talent out here in the DC
area. And, unlike LANL, if you dislike you current employer, it is
easy to move on to a better outfit right across the street. If you
are good, you'll constantly be courted by other companies to join their
outfit. The courting process does wonders for those with beaten down
egos. You people in the scientific staff are from Los Alamos. That
is still a powerful symbol of science with many of the technical
literati in this country.

The boom is on out here, so come join in on the party (and bring your
clearance)! Don't be glum when you could be happy with your work.
You'll soon be working for "just another corporation" with the lab
re-competition, so why not at least make it a corporation of your own
choosing? We need talented scientist out here, especially those
with some experience behind their belts.
Thanks for the encouragement! I also tend to forget about the world outside.
As a DOE employee working at Forrestal, it is rather amusing, although not surprising, to see the large numbers of former LANL employees who have been showing up in Washington in the last several months, either working for us, other agencies, or private companies.
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