Monday, July 04, 2005

The shining new "Manhattan on the Hill"?

Scientists back new US nuclear weapons
Posted: 07/04
From: ABC Australia

The current United States nuclear weapons stockpile should be transformed into new types of nuclear weapons, according to an internal report recently compiled by senior scientists at three main US nuclear laboratories.

The overall nuclear weapons projects currently costs the US Energy Department more than $US6 billion a year and is likely to increase under future projections.

The report concluded that the current approach to maintaining the US's nuclear arsenal "looks increasingly unsustainable" and "could lead to increased risk or increased uncertainty in warhead certification".

The report called for "a new approach" to reduce the expanding SSP cost and enable further reduction in the number of nuclear weapons.

The report also clarified the goal of this new approach as achieving "a more affordable, sustainable, and responsive (nuclear) enterprise" that could replace the current heavy-yield, Cold War-type stockpile with new types of nuclear weapons that are "more manufacturable, more certifiable, safe, secure, and reliable".


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Anyone from X-Division reading this blog?
RRW is old news.
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