Friday, July 29, 2005

Santa Fe Police Wrap Up Whistleblower Beating Probe

Associated Press

SANTA FE — Santa Fe police have wrapped up their investigation into the beating of Los Alamos National Laboratory whistleblower Tommy Hook and were preparing Friday to turn the results over to the district attorney.

"It will be up to them to decide whether any charges would be filed against individuals involved in this whole incident, including Mr. Hook,'' Deputy Police Chief Eric Johnson said.

Johnson had announced seven weeks ago that Hook's beating outside a topless bar was not related to his status as a whistleblower at the nuclear weapons lab.

"There's nothing new'' to contradict that, Johnson said Friday.

Police said the altercation was an "isolated incident'' that began when Hook struck a pedestrian in the club's parking lot.

Authorities have not released the names of the other men involved.


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Should a charge of filing a false police report be put against Hook?
I think so.

I'd be very disappointed in the DA if they did not file charges against Tommy Hook. Hook's lies have caused uncalcuable damage to Los Alamos National Lab and the people of Northern New Mexico. It is time he pays a price for his lack of integrity.
Of course the UPTE people (Betty Gunther and Manny Trujillo) will continue to spout Hook's lie about the phantom phone call.
The story is that Hook's house is for sale. I guess that he wants to move to Albuquerque so that he will not have to drive so far to T D's Showclub.
What a putz!
Tommy Hook is a despicable man. The proof is now in as to his character.
Is Tommy Hook finally dead? I have prayed for his departure ever since he was beaten.
When Tommy Hook finally goes away, I hope that he takes that other professional prevaricator, Chuck Montano, with him. The two of them really give honest whistle-blowers a very bad reputation.
"really give honest whistle-blowers a very bad reputation"

Now, here is a oxymoron compounded twice over!
Don't forget Chris "60 minutes" Steele and his diatribe about how he is "the only person in Los Alamos who REALLY understands safety." Such people are a cancer and should be removed at all cost.
Last time I noticed, it was illegal to beat people to a pulp, even if they are unpleasant. Someone beat Tommy Hook to a pulp. Why has no one been arrested? Why wasn't the phone call supposedly luring Hook to Cheeks checked out? The public deserves to know what actually happened in the Hook case. He clearly was seriously injured. Did he lie about the phone call, or was it simply a barroom brawl? Why were the brawlers not arrested?
The fact that Hook is a whistleblower makes it all the more important that people know if a) this was just a barroom brawl or b) he was beaten for the testimony he was about to give.
The beating could be disincentive to future whistleblowers who are valuable for the wrongdoing they stop and prevent.
It is unimaginable to me that the public would think whistleblowers were anything but heros.
I would like one fact clarified.
Did Tommy Hook really hit a pedestrian with his car?
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