Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sandia worker accused of using lab credit to buy electronics

WASHINGTON (AP) - A former employee of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque is suspected of using a government purchasing account to buy computers, iPods and even a robotic dog and possibly selling them on eBay, according to a federal search warrant.

Federal investigators asked for the warrant to search the Albuquerque home and storage shed of Peter Micono, who had worked for Sandia for 20 years before he was terminated in 2004 for failing to return to his job after medical leave.

According to the warrant, managers suspected a problem in August 2004 after they couldn't find items Micono had purchased while he was on medical leave from the lab. Micono reportedly purchased laptop and desktop computers, digital cameras, digital music players, a robotic dog and accessories for the dog.


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When can I expect to see this story pasted across the front of CBS News? I'll bet it makes nothing more than a quick "blip", if any at all, on the national news radar. However, change the word "Sandia" to "Los Alamos" and we would have Congressman like Hobson and Barton screaming for our hides and the beginnings of a new House investigation into "LANL corruption".
Congress leaves Sandia alone because they alone have mastered the alien technology from the Roswell crash. Cross Sandia and little grey men show up on your lawn. The Truth is Here in Albuquerque ! ! !
So that's where our little gray men disappeared to -- Sandia. I always
wondered what happened to our aliens. I thought we had them safely
locked up here at LANL. Write up another security problem for Los Alamos.
We have lost track of some of our "grays". I'll bet they weren't even
properly bar-coded and inventoried by our staff. But at least we still
have access to the alien death-ray machine! Right? Maybe? Perhaps?
Quick, staff, check the LANL secret underground vaults for the alien
death-ray machine!!! What? You say it was checked out to a staff member
with the last name of Bussollini? Oh my god...
One reason that this isn't showing up on the national radar is that Sandia's incident (even the robotic dog) are no where near the amount that Bussolini and Alexander took. Sandia seemed to be on top of this and LANL wasn't, we were stupid enough to fire the whistle-blowers.
An incident like this happens at each of the labs every few years. It's impossible to stop unless you want the purchasing systems even more hopelessly slow and painful. What amazes me is that people can be so stupid to think they won't eventually be caught, but that is probably true of most criminals.
we didn't fire the whistleblower. jaret mcdonald still works for the lab. those other two guys claimed to be whistleblowers. remember, "it wasn't about the money." yeah, $.9M is about the money...
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