Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sandia worker accused of fraud

By Maggie Shepard
Tribune Reporter

July 28, 2005

A 20-year employee of Sandia National Laboratories is under investigation, suspected of using a lab credit account to buy dozens of computers and electrical items - including a robotic dog - for his own use.

Peter Micono's house and shed in the 4000 block of San Andreas Avenue Northeast were the subject of a federal search warrant as authorities looked for laptops, monitors, iPods and other items they say Micono bought while working at the labs, according to the warrant.


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This will not be a big deal because Sandia is already managed by Lockheed-Martin. It does, indeed, seem that some controls are lacking at Sandia as well. So will they insist on turning the contract over to?????? Bechtel????. We are running out of credible contractors.
Loose the Hounds of Hell on Sandia!

Alert the media!

Fire the Director.

Punish the employees!

That's the way we handle these things at LANL, and if it's good enough for us, it's damn sure good enough for them.
If he was using a Sandia credit card (issued to all travelers) and paying it off himself, I say no big deal. But if he was using a purchasing card that means Sandia money was being expensed somehow.
Sandia must be a den of thieves.
Or just a bunch of cowboys and buttheads. Where's the New York Times when you need them?
Sandia needs a blog. Doug, you are about done here. Want to move to Albuquerque?
To anonymous at 7/28/2005 05:19:52 PM.
You are correct. Where are all of the vultures now.

And, why hasn't the ABQ Journal carried this story.
To Anonymous : 7/28/2005 04:51:30 PM.
interesting point. If you are correct, what is your bet on whether there will be a retraction/correction?
This all will come to naught. UNLESS Congressman Barton investigates and finds out that the robotic dog was found next to a coke machine...THEN we might be onto somthing. Can robotic dogs eat barcodes?...just a theory I've been working on. - Scott
If Congress employs Admiral Buttheat to come after you Sandiafolk, God help you!!
No Scott the robotic dog is used to create barkodes. The question is did it update the database.

Yes, keeping up with all of the barkodes can be a bitch.

Why am I not seeing this in the national media?

Why are member of congress not ranting about this?
I'll tell you why. Sandia and DOE were able to keep this one under wraps. LANL had a pair of dysfunctional zealots that got themselves summarily dismissed for all-around bad behavior, who then went on a highly profitable whistleblowing binge. The press loves whistleblowers. So does congress. Much more entertaining than some dry DOE report issued well after the fact.

LANL needs to get better at covering things up. Apparently LockMart is really good at it. The primary benefit of being taken over by LockMart may be the simple fact that the press will back off due to lack of juicy stories.
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