Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...

Those lazy days of summer are upon us. Some folks who have been posting here on The Blog have been getting kinda cranky. They think we should close this sucker down because it isn't doing anything useful. If you look at the "Current Graph of Hits On This Blog" (side panel), you'll see a gradual decline over the last month. (And NO, it doesn't just coincide with my temporarily taking over maintenance of The Blog! -Though the decline may have been exacerbated, I suppose.)

Who knows? Maybe there will be some news at the end of the month when the bids for the contract are finalized. In the mean time, it seems to me that The Blog serves a useful purpose in lancing the boil of crankiness. Nothing will be done, I assure you, before The Blogmeister (Doug Bloggerts, whose cyberthrone can be approached with the incantation, "O Blog One"), roars back into town on his bike with bugs in his teeth.

But go ahead and comment away, my friends. It really is your blog, so tell us what you think. Now don't be shy...

[And as of today, July 11, 2005, I'd say the discussions on this blog have been far from shy, but rather, quite lively indeed. Some people have even dared to question your Temporary Blog Janitor! And that's good! We all need our pot of comfortable assumptions stirred now and again. So, my vote is to keep this blog open for more of the same kind of stirrings. -Brad]

I think that the drop in posting, commenting, and readership is due to the situation regarding the contract:
1. The final RFP is out and we know who the players are.
2. The UC contract has been extended until May 2006. I believe that also served to reduce the number of retirements to only twice the normal annual amount.

I say "keep the blog alive."
Yes, please keep the blog alive. I look at it every day and feel it is a vital source of informatio.
I find the blog a vital source of entertainment. The idiocy of some of the posters never ceases to amuse me...
And on the positive side, has any of the intelligent commentary enlightened you? (-Just trying to be fair and balanced as your temp Blog janitor.)
Comments and visits to the blog have dropped since LANL put employees on notice that they would be disciplined if they checked it from a LANL computer.

Just another brick in the wall. I can't wait for Robinson to get here...
Dawn said:
"Comments and visits to the blog have dropped since LANL put employees on notice that they would be disciplined if they checked it from a LANL computer."

What a waste of time when London is being bombed. Is UC really so afraid of what you may learn? It looks like the only thing that happened since Nanos left is that Nanos left.

Larry Creamer, Retired
The Detonator Group
1944 - 2004
Has he REALLY gone? Or have his winged monkeys merely retired to Oakland to lick their wounds and plot a return of the Wizard of NanOz?
Dawn, did LANL really "put employees on notice that they would be disciplined if they checked it from a LANL computer"?
It is absolutely critical to keep the BLOG open because there are still a lot important decisions pending in the coming months to be discussed.
Dawn sputtered provocatively:

"Comments and visits to the blog have dropped since LANL put employees on notice that they would be disciplined if they checked it from a LANL computer."

What a load of crap. "LANL" did no such thing. More paranoid, moronic delusions.

Please show us some official pronouncement that employees will be disciplined for reading the blog from work. If you can't, then give us the name of anyone who has implied such a policy.

They're monitoring your bad thoughts from satellites, too, so make sure you have plenty of tin foil.
Regarding the previous commnet: yes, it is probably paranoia, but that is the result of very VERY poor communication on the part of LANL management. The memo about use of LANL computers came out but was not very specific.
Keep the blog running. It has been a great service and voice for those who have been victims of LANL's and DOE's corrupt management, discrimination, and abuse.
"Comments and visits to the blog have dropped since LANL put employees on notice that they would be disciplined if they checked it from a LANL computer."

The manager that wrote the above
should be identified in this BLOG.
Any LANL manager displaying corrupt, abusive, discriminatory, retaliatory behavior should be identified in this BLOG. Face it,
until Paul Robinson gets here, you are living in NAZI GERMANY. Our only avenue for free speech is this BLOG. I predict things will get much worse before they get better.

Please do not suspend the BLOG.
7:31, You must be talking about Rich "I like women" Marquez. Not only does he harrass women, but he harrasses and threatens those who use the blog. Another LANL manager trying to cover up the truth about the scandalous abuse of taxpayer monies here.
I posted the comment about being disciplined for logging into the blog based on Rich Marquez's notice that "We're watching you" and "We'll punish you if you use your computer for anything but DOE work." It sure sounded like a threat to me...
I don't understand you people who complain about abusive managers. If you're in an abusive or otherwise crappy group or division *get* *out*. One of the great things about LANL is how easy (relatively) it is to transfer to another group or division. No one is forcing you to remain in a bad situation. Take ownership of your life and *do* something about it rather than just complain.
Would that it were so easy as the previous poster suggests. Have you ever heard of "poisoning the well"? Having been a victim of an abusive manager some 20 years ago, I can tell you that it wasn't so easy back then to get out of a group that resembled an insane asylum, and if things are better now, that still doesn't make the transition so simple.

The advice to "take ownership" sounds like the same brand of insensitivity that Domenici showed when he patted Nanos on the shoulder and then delivered his famous "Get over it!" speech to all the hands cowering on deck.
This BLOG has accomplished much but the struggle is just beginning. Having a source of information in the next few months that is not contaminated by and filtered through the likes of Foley, Marquez and Cobb will be invaluable.
The advice to "change divisions" is not all that easy to achieve these days. For instance, if you are an accountant, you work in CFO. That skill is not utilized in many LANL divisions. So, if you are working for a jerk in CFO Division, you may not have many (any) options for other employment withing LANL unless you want to work as other than an accountant. Engineers probably have the most mobility.
For 10 years I tried to escape from a group that I strongly protested being put into, to begin with. I applied numerous times to other organizations. Several times I was told that I was a likely candidate. Then a few weeks later, they would select someone else.

I am a graduate-degreed engineer from a first-tier college. Before being in this group, I had a demonstrated work record and a portfolio of technical reports I had completed.

My salary was held back to the very bottom of its range. I was under-utilized and spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing. I was assigned to work for people much less qualified than me. I was confidentially told; that my group leader didn’t want me going to another group, because he was afraid I might become more effective there and take work away from his group. Also, I had rivals in the group who had the ear of the group leader, and who wanted to be sure I didn’t do anything impressive. My group leader had the power to keep me there as long as he wanted.

Los Alamos Labs has destroyed my career and my professional reputation. I should have left years ago, now it’s too late. Early retirement is my only option.

Particularly if you’re over forty, the internal transfer process is a joke.
Please keep this blog open. It has helped save my sanity. It helped me to realize that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about the Lab. Before this blog, no one dared speak out publicly. Now I realize it was them, not me, who are bad. The blog has helped restore my self-esteem.

There will likely be a drop-off in posting until at least mid-December, when the next really significant information is revealed. There may be occasional bursts of activity as minor scandals and other issues come into view. Hang in there.

The greater laboratory community needs a source of candid information like this blog. Please keep up the good (even courageous) work.
It is very hard to transfer between divisions these days.
Here's an informed prediction to keep the blog afloat: Look for minor RFP mods, SOON, that will be an excuse to extend the bid deadline. The gang that can't shoot straight, or to be perfectly accurate that can't seem to agree on how many pages should be in the IWD, is lobbying hard in the East to get NNSA to extend the bid deadline. My guess is that the Department of Enablers will give them a free pass. Why not, they've already given them 60 years.
Work for a jerk in CFO? You have to be kidding is a guaruntee unless you work for the DO
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