Friday, July 15, 2005

Report Suggests Changes For Labs

By John Fleck
Journal Staff Writer

The United States needs new, easy-to-maintain nuclear warheads and significantly smaller staffs at its nuclear weapons labs, a senior Energy Department advisory panel has concluded.

The Nuclear Weapons Complex Infrastructure Task Force, in a draft report made public Thursday, calls for a centralized nuclear weapons factory to be built, consolidating work that's scattered among old Cold War-era plants and the labs.

Where the new plant might be built remains a question.


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Congress b!tches about a $3 billion price tag to build MPF but now there is a recommendation to consolidate all the SNM across the DOE complex. How much do you think THAT will cost the American tax payer? Not a good use of money folks.
Here is a "good" consolidation plan. Combine the labs under one contract and management structure. Sandia Nevada does testing of weapons and pit manufacture, Sandia Northern New Mexico does weapon design and related items. Sandia Albuquerque is the management headquarters and does a lot of the engineering and work for hire. Sandia West is phased out as it is too close to high population areas with its work moved to the 3 other locations. Politically damaging names like "Los Alamos Labs" and such are gone.

In reality, I would actually bet that Nevada is where everything gets moved to..
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