Thursday, July 28, 2005

Report deals with LANL's impact on health

Report deals with LANL's impact on health

DARRYL NEWMAN, Monitor Staff Writer

SANTA FE - A federal agency has issued through a report that no harmful exposures to chemical or radioactive contaminants from Los Alamos National Laboratory are occurring, nor are the current conditions expected to cause illness in the future.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry reviewed data recorded from 1980-2001 and presented its findings to the Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board on Wednesday afternoon.


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The agency was, however, puzzled by higher-than-background levels of americium-241.
This is surprising given that recent articles have come out supporting that some of LANL's toxic waste could get into the local drinking water if we deplete the water table enough to suck LANL water down into it, something that Los Alamos County has been doing for a while. Maybe the federal agency should read the local newspaper.
Wow. A poster who:

1) Doesn't understand water tables.
2) Doesn't understand contaminant flow.
3) Doesn't understand dispersion concepts.
4) Thinks the local newspaper has a better handle on the topic than a panel of independent experts.

This is why the only people who really pay attention to activists are the press. Both depend on each other for life. Both are clueless. Such a waste.
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