Thursday, July 21, 2005

Panel warms to lab director

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

SANTA FE - Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Robert Kuckuck told a state legislative committee he was trying to change external perceptions of the laboratory after a decade of extreme stress.

At the same time, he said he wanted to instill an atmosphere of "civility, trust, communication and respect," inside the laboratory.

"The lab is in a state of overload," he said, adding his biggest goal was to streamline the workload.

"I can't imagine the lab more overworked than it is now," he said.

He described a recent tendency to try to fix too many things at the same time.

"We want to prioritize, triage it, sort out what needs to be done now," he said, in contrast to things that will change again under the new management, which is supposed to take over June 1, 2006.


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Debbie Rodella should be supervising her husband!
Here's an idea: Try prioritizing all the crap HR is trying to pull off before the end of the year to make themselves look good!
Can someone help me connect the dots here?

Is State Rep. Debbie Rodella, D-Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Taos the same Debbie Rodella from MST-6?

And, is this same Debbie Rodella the spouse of the esteemed Thomas R. Rodella, recently appointed a state judge by Gov. Bill Richardson, who was disciplined for marijuana use, improper use of a weapon and physical abuse during a 13-year career with the State Police. This same judge who hand delivered a get out of jail card for a friend who was arrested for DWI during the July 4 holiday weekend, and then presiding over this persons court appearance?

If this is the same person, how can lab employees sit back and continually be embarrassed by said individual asking the same questions, 1) 9/80 schedule and 2) child care center during every all-hands meeting or meetings with state, federal representatives?

What an embarrassment. I DO NOT ant someone of this caliber representing me in any forums.

This panel is a joke, which has outlived its usefulness. It only had substance during a brief period when members of the California Legislature were present; as they could ask/demand answers from UC and LANL. Even so, not much got done. UC undermined any progress.
Without the Californians the New Mexican Legislators are an irrelevant bunch of posturers, including Nick Salazar (Mora) who never identifies himself as being on LANL's (Community Relations)payroll while praising LANL to the skies. Singing for dollars.
Everyone should see this, once. Just to see how a good idea turns into absolute BS and public relations. But, take an air sick bag. Its pretty bad, watching the legislators grovel before LANL. They have no pride, except for Rodella, who does not grovel.
This panel should be eliminated. With no power over LANL, they get no respect. What's the point?
Well, we just got rid of Debbie Rodella's husband as a Rio Arriba County Magistrate. Now, how do we get rid of her?
Anonymous at 7/22/2005 08:12:04 AM is correct. The NM panel is a joke. Indeed, any panel with Debbie Rodella and/or Nick Salazar is prima facie a joke!
I deeply resent any woman being held responsible for the misdeeds of her husband. I deeply resent anyone picking on a person because of their support of the 9/80 or child care. I think this sort of personal attack should be deleted from the blog.
My experiences with Debbie Rodella have been that she is a hard working legislator with the good of her constituents in mind.
Many women have wished they could control their husbands( and husbands, their wives), but it is impossible to control another human being.
To, more or less quote Dickens, Mr. Micawber in David Copperfield, "If the law thinks I can control my wife, then the law is an ass."
To anonymous at 7/22/2005 02:01:37 PM, do not forget that many of the husband's misdeeds were violations of election law in support of his wife's campaign. She knew what was going on.

As far as her performance as a legislater, she has always been a patron saint to the DUI people.
As they say, all politics are local. If Rodella choses to be an "elected official", then being in the limelight comes with it. The ethical challenges of her husband in his actions to keep her in the elected position only reinforces the perceptions that she is as croooked as he is.
Her hiding behind the "local representative" screen to push her personal agenda is almost as bad as Tommy Hooks standing behind the protective cloak of whistleblower. Either way they are both attempting to achieve personal gain from the hard work and diligence of others.
And as they say, perceptions become reality.
So, if she can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
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