Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Officials comment on bids

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

New Mexico's congressional delegation and top officials of the two universities involved in the competition for the management contract of Los Alamos National Laboratory appraised and elaborated on the two primary submissions announced Tuesday.

"I am pleased to see two strong bids emerge from this application process," said Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., in a press release. "The proposals partner industrial and academic institutions together to place the future excellence of LANL as paramount. It is imperative that the Department of Energy move forward deliberately in this process to protect full benefits for employees and find a strong scientific-based proposal that promotes economic development."


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blah blah blah---don't these idiot politicans realize how the Bush administration has screwed lab employees with this stupid stand-alone benefits package----and yes I mean pension.
Yes, the previous comment is correct. What these guys have said is just pandering. What a bunch of jerks!
I am terribly concerned that so much attention is being paid to "a strong scientific-based proposal that promotes economic development." This lab should be a national security lab and not a source of money for New Mexico. How about focusing on the more important issues (IMHO) like cutting the red tape that prevents us from doing our jobs?
Maybe I should just accept the fact that red tape IS my job.
LOL..... the truth at last! LOL...
With all the political wrangling and name calling and whatever, it seems the EMPLOYEES have been forgotten entirely. Think back to when ONE reason for not re-instating 9/80 was because of its impact in local restaurants! Forget morale. Forget fairness. 9/80 has a negative impact on local businesses.

My main concern now is that the benefits package is going to be horrible. And we can't even see what this "stand alone" thing is? The RFP was filled with meaningless politico-talk like "industry driven" which mean nothing without a specific context. The red tape bureaucracy will be more firmly entrenched and worthless procedures and trainings will supersede common sense. And all the while they will yap about "best business practices" and "industrial models."
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