Friday, July 01, 2005

New lab boss to head security

Ray Juzaitis, once slated to lead Livermore lab, set to head homeland security at site
By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER

The scientist once slated as chief of Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons lab finally has won among the lab's most-coveted jobs: head of intelligence, nonproliferation and homeland security.

Ray Juzaitis, a well-regarded former chief of weapons design at Los Alamos, the New Mexico sister lab to Livermore, is the latest to drop a career in H-bombs for a crusade to keep weapons of mass destruction from being used.


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...sigh, another retread. God I hope Lockmart brings in some new blood and gets rid of the old boys in Los Alamos.
While I don't dispute the remark in the abstract, in context, Lockmart won't have any noticable effect on Ray-Jay's new job at LIVERMORE, unless they take over its contract in a few years.
And make it 3 for 3 for LM/UT?
-Sandia National Laboratories at Albuquerque
-Sandia National Laboratories at Los Alamos
-Sandia National Laboratories at Livermore (already got a foothold there, remember)
As you all may recall, UC made the argument to DOE/NNSA that operating two national labs was good for the nuke complex because of "friendly competition." If that argument was good enough for UC, it surely works for LockMart.
Sandia is pulling out of Livermore, but the new Los Alamos under Lockmart is going to be called Sandia National Laboratory at Los Alamos.
I sure hope Sandia National Laboratory at Los Alamos has a personnel program that allows employees of one location to move easily to the other location. My wife and I would love to get the heck out of Los Alamos.
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