Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Mission Accomplished"?--Not by a long shot

There have been several comments on the blog concerning the need for such a forum now that Nanos has left. Some have even suggested that, having succeeded in ousting Nanos, the blog should be discontinued. I would like to strongly urge you to resist such advice for a number of reasons:

1) Remember "Mission Accomplished!"? There is every reason to believe that the blog will prove necessary in the future as an
anonymous forum for exposing injustice, waste and abuse at LANL.

2) When the history of "blogs" is written, I would not be surprised if LANL-THE-REAL-STORY is accorded prominent mention; what we accomplished was unprecedented. There is a clear and urgent need to maintain this precedent to ensure that other sites can enjoy the same freedom that we now have.

3) And do not forget for a minute that the minions of corporate and government power are already plotting ways to eliminate or restrict this threat. The power of anonymous communication that blogs have now bestowed on every person must surely rank as a new water shed for free speech, right up there with the invention of the printing press. Except now, you don't even have to be rich enough to own a printing press, or radio station; everybody's voice can be heard! It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the precedent-setting LANL blog will play a role in future legal challenges, as others attempt to exercise this right.

So, carry on and "Never give a inch." (Hank Stamper's motto in Ken Kesey's "Sometimes a Great Notion.")


-David E. Hanson

Interestingly enough, the Union at LANL is a hard, hard sell to a conservative community of scientists. But The Blog, on the other hand, is serving many of the duties of a union, but without dues, and really without "officers," whose personal agendas may well dominate such an institution. Here, libertarianism rules, and The Blog is like an open union meeting where everyone can stand up and tell their stories. ("The foreman came down the mineshaft today and wanted me to start drilling in a part of the mine that's leaking water like a sieve--and there was nothing shoring the wall up. I threw the drill down at his feet and said, 'Here; YOU drill it if the fat cat boss wants you to. I ain't doin' it! You can take this job and shove it!' and I walked out.")

OK, so we aren't coal miners, but we may have some bosses and issues that still need airing out.

I agree with Dave: Stay the course.
On a more scientific note.. I am not sure that this blog will even get a foot-note in 4 years time. There are a lot of other blogs that have had bigger changes in the political climate of this and other countries. At best, we got a bad boss moved to another place.. did we do anything else?

Even what blogs will look like in 2 to 3 years is questionable The core issues will be how blog hosting companies survive economically in the long run. Do they sell the ips, times and dates of the 'anonymous' bloggers to 'marketing companies (better known as PI companies that sell the info to people you complain about?)'. Do they only allow paying members to post (or remain anonymous?)

From my time in business, it costs blogger.com at least 20k a year to host this site with the amount of bandwidth it uses. It hosts a load of other sites and will have to find someway to pay for them... at some point, the cost of everyone having their own printing press has to be tallied and paid for.
"From my time in business, it costs blogger.com at least 20k a year to host this site with the amount of bandwidth it uses."

I don't think so, Mr. Businessman. You seem awful eager to downplay the importance of this blog, using inaccurate data to support your position. I wonder why?
Who is this fool "businessman?"

If the blog is only a footnote in four years, then it will have succeeded. If it is still getting 1000 hits per day, the LANL is sunk!
The amount of traffic this blog gets could easily be handled by standard DSL bandwith: 1.5 Mbps download, .896 Mbps upload. The last time I looked that cost about $40/month, or $480/year.
Right.....all business people are idiots because they don't have a PhD? Get over yourself.
Sometimes I'm shocked that the individuals posting on this site are adult scientists responsible for designing and maintaining nuclear weapons. The insularity, arrogance, and childish bickering evident here is disturbing. I guess the thing that makes me cringe the most is that basically what you guys do is tinker with nukes. Why are you wasting my taxpayer money on a big pile of outdated crap? You say that libertarianism rules at Los Alamos? You so-called "scientists" live off the government tit! Where's the libertarianism in that? You're dependent on Congress funding bloated nuke programs. If you asked me, Los Alamos should be turned into a retirement home for bombmakers.
Poster 12:13

Where do people like you come
from? Next time you post try
thinking for a change.
To Anonymous at 7/20/2005 07:23:08 AM: not all of the readers and posters to this blog are "adult scientists" as you suggest. Some are idiots like you!
12:13, all you have to do change it is to get your political choices into power. Line up like-minded individuals the next election and go for it.
12:13:59 PM Hell throw them all off the hill. Shut this place down. We should be afraid be very afraid.
2:18 poster.

Give me one factual reason we
should close down LANL. I can give you reason after reason why
LANL is one of the best investments for the United States in terms of security and scientific health. These are the
real facts.

Now poster 2:13 where are your
facts. Please before you post again, think to yourself, do
I know the facts? Ok you can do it, thinking. Try it sometime.
It can help you in so much in your life.
Poster 3:37 fact one LANL is a large waste of taxpayer money and we are tired of paying welfare for you. Get a real job in the outside world you might like that also (although I doubt it).
I had a job in the "outside world" and I like my lab job much better. Not only do I make twice as much, I get to spend my day reading useless documents instead of actual work.
Poster 10:41 and

Please provide one fact that
LANL is a waste of the taxpayers
money. One fact come on. Do you
realize how many people do there
Ph.d and postdoc work here who go on to academic positions or
other DOE labs. That is a real service. Also what about all the
great science that is done. Also
what about the NS work.

I am afraid you have no idea what you are talking about.
Please give us some facts.
Poster 10:L 14 and 3:41 can not provide facts because they are probably a Junior High or High School Student that has the need to post.
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