Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Message from UC President Dynes

From the 7/20/2005 LANL NewsBulletin:

Dear Colleagues:

Yesterday, the University of California and Bechtel-led team submitted our bid proposal, responsive to the Department of Energy Request for Proposals, for the future management of Los Alamos National Laboratory. We fully believe that this is a strong, winning proposal that builds upon the tremendous scientific and technological history of Los Alamos, while bringing in industrial partners that will ensure strong business, management, safety and security practices.


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Thanks for all you & Foley have done for us, Bob! Come October 1, I hope to be seeing the last of you.
There is this statement: "The UC-Bechtel-led team's proposal will foster an atmosphere that allows lab scientists to continue to do the great science that the laboratory is known for, without being hampered by unnecessary bureaucratic processes to the greatest extent possible. Our team believes that science and technology are critical to the LANL mission, and our proposal underscores this."

Why doesn't UC just do this fostering an atmosphere thing right now? Why do we have to wait for the contract award for all of this fostering to take place?
I have a two-word answer for you, 7:57:

Bob Foley.
I love how they've taken unfair advantage of thier position of managing the Laboratory now to use LANL e-mail systems to spam us with their management bid propaganda.

Seems like they are using government resources to promote their bid over their competitions'.

I wonder if Lockheed will be permitted to spam us through the LANL e-mail system too, just to be fair?
December 1st -- Bob "Tailhook" Foley can go peddle his avaiator management style at LBNL and LLNL. Maybe we can collect some money and send him to charm school.
There probabaly isn't enough money in the UC system to send him to charm school.
Why is it that every time I see a photo of President Dynes I have the same exact reaction as I did when viewing a photo of Nanos? Anger.

Somebody please take the photo of Dynes off the Lab home page. It's frustrating to look at.
Now I know why Foley and his Tailhook antics have made him so anti-women and so in favor of hiring his old Navy buddies.

Only UC would hire such a loser !
7:57, you have asked the $60 milllion dollar question. The same question that will be asked in the orals --- "If you are smart enough to recognize the current problems, propose a new management team, and a set of innovative corrective actions, why didn't you, as Laboratory manager, implement all of the above last year?" There can be no credible answer.
Three statements at the end of the article:

Sen. Pete Domenici on Tuesday issued the following statement:

"I am pleased to see two strong bids emerge from this application process. The proposals partner industrial and academic institutions together to place the future excellence of [Los Alamos National Laboratory] as paramount. It is imperative that the Department of Energy move forward deliberately in this process to protect full benefits for employees and find a strong scientific-based proposal that promotes economic development."

Sen. Jeff Bingaman on Tuesday issued the following statement:

"I am pleased that there are two excellent teams bidding for the [Los Alamos National Laboratory] contract. I know they both place very high value on the role of science at LANL, and are committed to being a good neighbor to Northern New Mexico communities. I also am pleased that the Department of Energy has stuck to a firm time line to award the contract on schedule, which is important for the morale of lab employees."

Rep. Tom Udall on Tuesday issued this statement:

"This represents the culmination of a tough time for the lab and its employees. My expectation is that the Department of Energy will thoroughly review these detailed proposals and select the best qualified operator. It is crucial that the department make its determination solely on the merits and performance records of the bidders.

"It is my understanding that a final decision will be made by the end of the year. The winning bidder will take over operations by June 1, (2006). My hope is that this competition will ultimately result in safety, efficiency and morale improvements at the lab."
Can someone explain this to me?

"... and find a strong scientific-based proposal that promotes economic development."
Don't know 11:55. I guess Sen Domenici has his own selection criteria - I'm trying to figure out what happens if DOE/NNSA can't find a proposal that meets them.
9:22 and 9:28. The "little girl" (to quote Foley) who teaches charm school has boycotted Foley attending her course.
To 7:57 and 11:02:

The answer is that the "fostering" will be done by Bechtel, BWXT, and WGI, not UC. UC will be mostly a silent partner.
Only in the unlikely event that UC Bechtel is awarded the bid.
Foley is a practitioner of the art of giving the false impression that he knows what's going. Blending the truth with dark and devious deception is accomplished with aplomb on the pallet of such artists. For those like Dynes who are weak (e.g. his performance inthe three Bobs on stage act), uninformed (Who's Todd Kappulia?),and asleep at the switch (allowing Nanos the serial abuser to stay in place for two years), Foley crafts the image of a man in charge leading the perspicacity challenged thus the nickname given him by his fellow naval officers, "Sly Foley." The real depth of the man is the depth of the thickness of the canvas.
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